Ever thought why Hotels and Resorts have Concierge Services in the Lobby? Today we are going to read about a man and would try to dig into his life and his journey from Rags to Riches.
"The goal is to win. It's not about making money. I have many much less risky ways of making money than this (buying Chelsea football club). I don't want to throw my money away, but it's really about having fun and that means success and trophies." ~ Roman Abramovich
Abramovich is the largest shareholder of Evraz, Russia's second-biggest steelmaker. He owns stakes in Norilsk Nickel, the world's largest producer of refined nickel, and London's Chelsea Football Club. He built his fortune from dividends and sales of privatized assets acquired from the former Soviet Union, including Sibneft and Aeroflot.

'Shy would be a word to describe him.' There have been many others: ruthless, generous, audacious, calculating, visionary. But shy? A strange adjective to describe …

5 Things that Takes a Company from Ashes to Success

When life hits you, it hits you massively. There are no flood controls, there is a very little friction to hold you tight and the time turns to be a black hole – suck you into a ditch that ends into a wrong place.
Over 90% of new businesses fall flat, due essentially to implosion instead of rivalry.  For the under 10% of new companies that do succeed, most experience a few close passing encounters en route.”