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Corporate Concierge for Dynamic Employees!

Corporate Concierge is the biggest question for corporate houses. Why not? It’s an investment, but the answer could be promising productivity. Many have outsourced, but some are still bewildered. This blog is meant for the latter category, which is still unaware about the benefits of a custom concierge program. Employees spend more waking hours at the workplace relative to living space. Definitely, they get less time to do away with their personal errands. None can draw a line between the categories of personal & professional tensions. Both of these flow to & fro and cause stress. Individual can’t escape professional stress at home and personal at workplace. It’s simply impossible! What companies can do to help their employees? Going personal does not solve the purpose; corporate concierge plays the role here. Companies can buy custom concierge programs from concierge companies to offer fringe benefits to the employees. That means you have to buy first and then of

Tips to Become a Business Concierge

Busy work schedules, time constraints, tight work hours and lack of professional & personal balance in life is contributing to the increasing demand of commercial concierge services. With the increasing competition, people at work are looking for business concierge services to complete the tasks they don’t have time for. Commercial concierges not just handle your tasks efficiently, but they do it with a touch of class. No matter in which industry or business you are, concierge is available for array of businesses and it ensures a complete dependability and assurance of completion of the job. The demand for concierge is rapidly increasing and if you really like to help people, then you can even start your own concierge business. Here is what you need to do- For legal documents, you need to fill out business license application and all the other forms that are required by local, federal and city government. Make a list of all the supplies and equipment that you

The ingredients and Perks of a Professional Concierge

Balancing work and life continues to be one of the major concerns of individuals everywhere. It is certainly impossible to do things when things are hectic and in situations like this, you should use professional concierge services or custom concierge service that can help you manage both your life and work. Since a concierge is a customer service specialist, they will do everything that you expect from them. Following are the characteristics that highlight the importance of a professional concierge and why you should hire them: Sufficient experience in service industry. Zest and zeal to serve other people. A concierge can easily handle multiple tasks without being stressed. Problem- solving skills. Professional concierges have good network connections. Good interpersonal communication skills. A concierge is someone who sees joy in serving others and they eventually make things easier for you. They are not only a helping hand, but they a

Commercial Concierge Services Statistics

Started with hotel concierges, concierge culture is making its base in other retailing and business areas well. Commercial concierge services have become very popular with time because consumers and service providers are bound to time pressures and competition. There are various surveys that are being conducted independently on concierge industry. The International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association is the only organization in the world that is conducting researches. According to a recent research, it is witnessed that custom concierge and commercial concierge industry is on the rise. A lot of people have started their own concierge businesses because of its low start-up cost. According to statistical report, 51.2% of those who surveyed invested $5000 or less to start and they received profit of around 23.6% in the first year of the business. There are plenty of opportunities available in the field of concierge services such as hospital concierge, HR concie