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The World of Service and its Impact on our Lives | PREMIERE CONCIERGE

“Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.” - Harriett Jackson Brown Jr. said these lines that got recognition by the entire world, and there are very few companies who understand these words and one who has, have reached the heights of utter success.
The question here lays, why service is so vital to this world, w why it impacts every individual's life? It all began in 1760 when the world diverged into the industrialage, and a notion of earning through services reached the peaks. There were some regions and industries where the men were asked to work for 18 hours a day to make some pennies and meals. Then labor laws and human rights were floated and service hours were reduced to 12 hours. Eventually it was brought down to 10, and currently, it is hooked at 8 hours.

Now 8 hours of service is usually not practiced by the majority of the world. Everyone in a corporate industry is known to work for around 12 hours a day. If you need to meet a deadline


Building amenities have traveled a long way, and like location and price, they play an indispensable role in injecting an impact on the type of resident a property will attract. Advertising the property with words like ‘Gymnasium’ and ‘Swimming Pool’ are the tactics of the past, and in the present day world, they are not enough to woo the potential tenants.

Today’s sagacious renters seek for the services and features that were once reserved for upscale hotels. Experience and Quality of Life are two important parameters that define the renter’s buying journey, and for the majority of apartment renters, it matters a lot.

In today’s competitive marketplace, residential property managers and real estate companies face the challenge of coming up with new ways to not only attract tenants and homebuyers but also to keep them happy. Premiere Concierge lives up to these expectations by handling homeowners, rental tenants or guests in the finest and diverse manner.

Value-Added Services and Ameniti…

Employees and Employers Are the Two Side of the Same Profitability Coin - Concierge Service

When employees and employers think about the ‘Workplace Perks,’ what come into the mind instantly are happy hours, game rooms, bonuses, and the like. However, the most overlooked, yet most effective perk in terms of savings on time and money is Business Concierge Services.

Concierge services may include anything from dry cleaning to automobile services to taking care of a myriad of errands. Still, an unfortunate statistics come into the picture, suggesting that, a mere 3 percent of employers offer concierge services.

Helping employees with their errands has palpable benefits for employees, but what about the employers or the ones employing the concierge services? Employers benefit from offering business concierge services by increasing individual productivity and engagement.A survey reveals that the work-life balance that results from the availability of concierge services increases employee-engagement levels by more than 20 percent.Real estate management companies can employ concierge …

Want to Retain Your Tenants? Hire a Residential Concierge!

According to the 2011 SatisFacts Index, residents were asked to rate the value they received for the price they were asked to pay. The overall average was 3.57 out of 5.00, which is considered a low-average rating score.

Wherever you live or whatever property you have, one thing is for sure that your tenants will only stay if they are satisfied. Well, when you pay for something, you want to get something in return as well. Ever wondered why some people get better rent than others? Well, it is because they know how to enhance the value of their property. And, the best way of doing it is to hire the services of a residential concierge.

It is not that residents don’t want to pay as the rent increases. They completely understand it goes with the territory. The only thing that they don't like is being asked to pay for a service that is not up to the mark. Every now and then, a question comes to their mind - is it worth it?  To eliminate this question from the equation, you must hire …

Stay Ahead in Life With Residential Concierge Services!

There are many kinds of concierge services that you use every now and then to get your tasks done.  Whether it's about tasks related to luxury and business or about a personal one, these concierge services will always help you in performing them.  One such service, that can really take away a lot of burdens away from you, is of a residential concierge.

These services are gaining popularity with every passing day. The main reason behind it is that they are known for providing a hotel like a facility, which eventually enhances the commercial appeal of your property. It performs so many functions and takes a lot of responsibilities.

A lot of everyday tasks are performed by these services such as handling keys, estate duties, mail distribution, parking management and so on. A residential concierge is the one who supervises the whole area of your property. Well, whether it is a small or a huge property that you have, this person will offer similar kind of services to everyone. 

Transit s…

Business Concierge – The Perfect Solution For Business Owners

Earlier owning and operating a business is no less than climbing a hill because one had to do a large number of formalities only for its beginning and later on, a lot of hard work is also needed for making it a real success. Behind the success of a successful business, there are several people's hard work and one cannot deny this fact. If you want to make your business a success, then you have to sacrifice something for that like you have to sacrifice the quality time that you want to spend with your loved ones. Earlier choosing between the family and the business was the only option and most of the people choose their business.

Choosing business was a constraint for them as they don't know what they miss out. They miss out the time that never waits for anyone. There is no benefit of making money if you don't get the time to spend it. There is a solution to this problem and the solution is a business concierge service. This service is designed by keeping in view the busines…

Do You Need a Personal Concierge?

Let's face it. You are enforced to live a hectic, stressful, and busy life, where you don't have time for your loved ones. No matter you make huge earnings and have a 3BHK apartment with terrace, however, all these luxurious things don't matter at all. Wondering, why? Well, you don't have spare time to enjoy the activities you love to do and ultimately you will have to spend around 10-12 hours at work. What's the point of making huge earnings, then?
No doubt, it is very much important to be active and competitive in this cut throat corporate world, however, you should never overlook your personal space. Luckily, there is a way that allows you to be competitive at your work, without even compromising with your personal life. And that way is – concierge service. Yes, you got it right!

Gone are the days when concierge services thought to be the part of the rich. Today, every single person can make the most of these services to balance their life or to raise the living s…

Business Concierge Services: Recommended for You!

In this highly competitive era, working individuals hardly get spare time to cherish their personal life. In order to achieve their business goals and targets, they even agree to spend 12-14 hours in their office. If this is your story and you wish to enjoy your personal life, then you are recommended to hire a business concierge.

A business concierge is a professional, who can help you live a desired life by lending a pair of helping hands. Depending upon the type of industry you belong to, you can hire a concierge to get a line of tasks done. No matter what, your concierge will let you live a hassle free life by completing all your tasks on time. Besides saving on time, you can expect to balance your personal as well as professional life.

Like other industries, the concierge industry is also growing these days, and so are its services. These services are highly appreciated by different industries. And why wouldn't they be? To cater to the needs and wants of different individuals, …

Become a Concierge and Earn Handsome Money

Have you heard about the term concierge? If not, then you should because it will be quite helpful for you. The term concierge is used for a resident caretaker of a block of flats or a small hotel. Earlier five star hotels and resorts were the only places where you can find a concierge, however, the growing demand of these made their way to other fields.

There are different types of concierges and each one performs different duties. For example, if you talk about a personal concierge whose main job is to fulfill the basic errand jobs like grocery shopping and utility bill payment of his hirer. Whereas if you talk about a business concierge whose job is to fulfill the business needs of his hirer and performs jobs like booking conference halls for business meetings, taking telephone calls at the front desk and others.

People's schedule is getting busier with the passing of each day and concierge services is the perfect solution for them to get some time for themselves and their famili…

Hire a Luxury Concierge and Enjoy Every Single Moment of Your Day

Every individual wishes of living a lavish life, but only the rich have the privilege to turn it into reality because one needs to spend a good amount of money. For most of the people, the definition of luxury is getting rid of doing their daily routine jobs themselves. However, the definition of luxury is that it is a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense. It means people having enough money can afford to have luxury in their lives so the poor can't dream of living a luxury life.

Earlier, there was no solution to this, however, if you talk about the present time, then there is a solution, which is to hire a concierge. Now your question is who is a concierge? A concierge is nothing, but is an individual who will take the responsibility of handling your errand jobs and gives you the time, which is the most important thing in every individual's life. If you really want to get the most of your day and enjoy it to the fullest, then the best th…

Personal Concierge: Hire the Best Professional

You may have come across many concierges, who offer a line of services to their clients to raise the level of their living standard. It is not a hidden fact that providing concierge services to the time-starved individuals helps boost their productivity and morale. They offer a great help to the individuals, who don't find enough time to get everything done on time. Some tasks that can be done by a personal concierge are on-site car wash, booking tickets, floral services, dry cleaning drop off, and so on…

Gone are the days when concierge services were thought to be meant for rich and famous only. Today, anyone can take advantage of these services to make the most of 24 hours in a day. By offering a pair of helping hands, these services let the time-starved, old, and specially-abled individuals carry out their day-to-activities without any interruption.

The concierge industry is a booming these days, and so are the concierge services. No matter the industry you belong to, you can als…

Contact a Concierge Service Company to Make Yourself Free From Errand Jobs

Nowadays you would find people for whom the twenty four hours in the day are not enough to complete their daily routine jobs. There are different reasons behind the same and the main reason is the busy schedule of people who are running from one end to the other to earn more and more money. They are working hard to make their future a better one than their present, which is a good thing. However, if it comes at the cost of sacrificing your present, then there is no benefit in it.
Your present is as important as your future and there is no benefit of earning so much if you don't get the time to spend the earned money. Earlier there was no solution to this problem and every individual had to handle his errand jobs himself. Now there's a solution to this, which is concierge services making use of which you can add luxury to your life. The best part about hiring these services is that you have to pay only for the work done because you can hire these service on hourly basis or base…

Luxury Concierges – For Living a Luxurious Life

There is hardly any individual in this world who doesn't love luxury, but only a few people get lucky to enjoy luxury in their life. Most of the people face difficulty in handling their errands and for them the ultimate luxury is to get free from doing their errands. There is some good news for them that there are concierge services, which they can use and easily get away from their errand jobs. Concierges are individuals who will take the responsibility of handling your daily routine jobs. All you have to do is to pay them a little amount of money for that.

People have different reasons behind not been able to accomplish their everyday tasks. Some people don't have the time and some lack in expertise or contacts. The jobs people are not able to accomplish could be related to finding a handyman on a short notice or booking a table at a newly opened restaurant. There is a solution for this, which is to hire a luxury concierge who will take the responsibility of accomplishing you…

Residential Concierge to Raise the Standard of Your Living

Residential concierge! This term refers to a person, who is responsible for providing a series of services under a single roof. The person is known as concierge and is often seen at a helping desk in many residential buildings.

Just like other concierges, a residential concierge also aims to make the lifestyles of his clients simpler and even better. These professionals are paid to raise the living standard of their clients by taking care of all their to-do lists. The best part is that these professionals offer not only personalized services, but also luxury services. These professionals can be asked to do corporate tasks as well. For example, besides getting services within your building, you can ask your concierge to make reservations or answer calls on your behalf.

Some responsibilities of a residential concierge are given below:

- A residential concierge in a building can be asked to perform daily tasks. Ranging from running errands to making arrangements for entertainment, he is res…

Hire Concierge Services to Get the Most of Your Life

Everyone likes to have luxury in his/her life and only a few would succeed in this. Balancing personal and professional life sometimes feel like losing a battle. If you face a problem like this and want to live a luxurious life, then the given blog might be useful for you. You can hire concierges to add luxury to your life. The person you hire as your concierge will take the responsibility of doing your errands so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.  Now your question would be where do you find concierges? The answer is not very much difficult as there are a large number of concierge service providers in every area. Even some individuals are offering concierge services on their own. Hiring a concierge frees you from jobs like finding an electrician or plumber for repairs, dropping important letters to the post office, filling your insurance claim, grocery and personal shopping. The company or individual you hire will manage all that for you. They not only handle your errands a…

Employ A Corporate Concierge to Increase Productivity

Maybe you don't know that now there are services available making use of which you can easily get away with you errands. Those services are called concierge services, which are available in every field. These services will give you time that you need. Corporate concierge service is one such service that is getting much popularity, especially in the corporate sector. Big organizations offer this service to their employees in order to differentiate them from others.

Offering benefits like corporate concierge services is quite beneficial for both the employees and employers. Employees are freed from the burden of doing their daily routine jobs that will help them focus on their work, which ultimately results in increased productivity, a good thing for employers. Concierges are able to accomplish almost every kind of job for their owner, whether you want to make a dinner reservation at a renowned restaurant or want to book air tickets for your travel, your concierge will do all that f…

Concierge Services: Make the Most of Them

Many people out there believe that concierge services are today's innovations, however, if you dig into the past, you will find that the core concept of concierge services has always been there in our society. In fact, we always try to apply this concept in our daily life. However, it is not always very easy to get an extra pair of helping hands. Your loved ones and companions can't be there with you whenever you need them the most.

Luckily, personalized concierge services are there to help you out. No matter the type of jobs you need help with, you always have the option to hire a concierge. The good news is concierge services can be classified into different categories, including personal, corporate, residential, luxury, virtual and custom concierge services. For example, if you need assistance in arranging a business meeting or booking accommodation for a business trip, then you can take help of your corporate concierge.

Depending upon your needs and wants, there could be man…

Concierge Services: What You Need to Know About Them?

The concierges are the professionals, who serve as personal assistants for their clients. They offer a line of services that help their clients live a better life. They provide information on the nearby areas, including restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. They also book tickets for concerts, theatre shows, and live events. They also lend a pair of helping hands to perform behind-the-scenes tasks to make the guests more comfortable.

Some common skills needed to become a concierge include professionalism, good communication skills, interpersonal skills, patience, and politeness. In order to provide the best concierge service, one must be able to prioritize tasks. Additionally, he should be multitasking. He should have good knowledge of the region in which he is offering his services.

Since the concierge services are helpful in raising the standard of living, that is why, they are very much in demand. People are looking for these services, because they seriously want a pair…

Hire A Concierge and Leave All Your Worries

Nowadays, it is possible to take off the burden of handling your daily routine tasks to another person. To make yourself free from doing these yourself what you have to do is to hire a concierge. Now the question is who is a concierge? A concierge is nothing, but is an individual, who is capable of doing any kind of job for its hirer. More and more number of people are hiring these individuals to get away from their daily routine jobs as these give them the time they want. 
This is one of the reasons that people are hiring concierges rather than employing individuals capable of doing any particular job. Luxury hotels were the first ones to offer concierge services in order to create a unique experience for their customers and later on these services were introduced in every field. The demand for these services is growing with the passing of each day. The growing demand also grabbed the attention of many people and that's why they are ready to make a career in this field. To become …

Want To Add Luxury To Your Life? Hire a Concierge

The hospitality industry has seen a sharp growth in the recent times and the main reason behind the growth is the increasing demand of hospitality services. Everybody wishes to live a luxury life, but only a few will achieve success in that. These days, people remain busy all the time and sometimes they don't even remember to do the basic jobs that are necessary to run their lives. If you are also one among those people, then you don't need to worry anymore as you can make use of concierge services to get away with your daily routine jobs.

These services are especially designed by keeping in view the busy schedules of people who don't have the time to enjoy the fruit of their hard work. There are different types of concierges and each performs a different role such as a personal concierge who more acts as a personal assistant and do everything for its hirer, whereas a business concierge performs different duties. The person doing this kind of job takes the responsibility o…