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Seven Myths about Concierge Service

Myth – Hiring a concierge makes you lazy Reality – Concierge Service makes you more efficient instead of making you lethargic The basic reason of hiring these services is to delegate unimportant tasks in order to give attention to more important tasks. Myth – Personal Information Theft Reality – A concierge helps in running your basic errands. While delivering a daily course of work, he may get to know your bank details, family information, etc., but it is mentioned in the user agreement that he can’t disclose any of the information to third persons. In case you find some fraudulent, you can sue him that very moment only. Myth – Supervision Stress Increases Reality – When you hire professional concierge service, then you need not supervise their work because they are experts in their field. You must relax when they are doing your work. Myth – Fake 24 X 7 Support Reality – It is not a fake promise that a concierge provi

What are the services provided by a luxury concierge?

The profile of a Personal Concierge (PC) is very similar to that of a Luxury Concierge (LC) ; the latter is just the extension of former one. Before understanding the services provided by LC it’s very crucial to know its evolution and how does it work. A lifestyle manager is a Personal Concierge who organizes all your tasks round the clock whereas a Luxury Concierge manages your leisure time with lavish activities. PC takes the role of LC when you have free time to celebrate life in a special way. This is all about the progression of one profile to another.  Note down the services rendered by a professional luxury concierge:                                                                                           VIP Treatment/Red Carpet Treatment Night Clubs Theater Concerts Event Tickets Expensive Hotels Spa Treatments Dining at International Restaurants Film Festivals Sports Events Fashion Shows Entertain

Double Benefit of Concierge Services to Realtors

What is more convenient – making payment to ten people or an individual? The latter is an optimal answer as it reduces the effort to maintain the performance record of ten people. Accountability must rest with one individual for effective management of work – personal & professional. It saves a lot of time to do more important things. How? With the help of Concierge Services! You can delegate all tasks to concierge and increase your efficiency in most productive areas. Your payment botherations come to an end as you need to pay only concierge & rest he will take care of. In order to organize life meticulously, it is very important to direct all scattered efforts at one point, may be money or time.  Concierge plays significant role in business as it brings effectiveness in operations. In this blog, we will discuss about the importance of concierge in real estate business. Realtors can take help of two types of concierge services –  Business Concierge- The se

Top Five Employee Benefits from Corporate Concierge

Few perks of meager pension after retirement & health insurance constitute the old strategy of employers to hold top talent; gym, free meals & billiard pool were the recent add-ons to retain expert professionals. In the current scenario, corporate concierge is the newest HR strategy to uphold the work culture of company & magnetize aspirants. Concierge Service provides work-life benefits to employees with the hidden aim to increase their productivity & in turn benefit company. Please note the top five employee benefits derived from concierge services here: Getaway Unwinding is must to pamper ones’ senses. Working continuously for 12 months is strenuous; each employee needs a break to enjoy a few light moments with her/his family members & friends. Corporate concierge program allows two getaways (after every six months) for employees that help them keep professional lives fresh. Such getaways compel professionals to stay long in the company

Fusion of Residential & Business Concierge looks like

Moods can’t be restricted to office or residence. They flow to & fro and make your life either wonderful or troublesome. Personal life & Professional life are interlinked with each other; stress in anyone can make you a victim of dangerous diseases. You need not struggle to maintain a balance between two. Understand & believe that perfection is difficult to achieve. Concierge plays a fantastic role that helps you taste the true happiness of life.  Blend Residential Concierge & Business Concierge! Stop running after the tasks and start delegating. Appoint a concierge services provider to deliver you the unique blend of residential concierge services and business concierge services . In the first job role, it will help you with daily errand running, grocery shopping, pet care, babysitting, housekeeping, taxi services, laundry, cleaning & party organizing services and in the second job role, it will assist you in business operations by performing docume