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The World of Service and its Impact on our Lives | PREMIERE CONCIERGE

“Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.” - Harriett Jackson Brown Jr. said these lines that got recognition by the entire world, and there are very few companies who understand these words and one who has, have reached the heights of utter success.
The question here lays, why service is so vital to this world, w why it impacts every individual's life? It all began in 1760 when the world diverged into the industrialage, and a notion of earning through services reached the peaks. There were some regions and industries where the men were asked to work for 18 hours a day to make some pennies and meals. Then labor laws and human rights were floated and service hours were reduced to 12 hours. Eventually it was brought down to 10, and currently, it is hooked at 8 hours.

Now 8 hours of service is usually not practiced by the majority of the world. Everyone in a corporate industry is known to work for around 12 hours a day. If you need to meet a deadline

Concierge Service Changed My Lifestyle!

Do you favor the use of concierge service? Well, if you ask me, I'd say 'YES'. I'm, in fact, still reaping the benefits of this service. All credit goes to the help desk service in my community. (This is like a plus point to live in a such a great place, which actually makes me feel like I'm living in a five star resort).

Of course, there are many success stories over the web that support the use of concierge service, however, the reverse is also true – meaning there are horrible stories too that indeed enforce to reconsider this service. I'm not saying that those stories are wrong or people who wrote them are against the use of concierge (if this was the case, they wouldn't have tried this service), probably they have met the wrong people. That's it!

Anyway, let's talk about how the concierge service has changed my lifestyle.

Concentrate at work: I can now concentrate at work, knowing some of my personal tasks, such as picking up dry cleaning, grocery…

Get to Know About Concierge Services and Hire the Best Company

Getting an extra pair of helping hands is always appreciated, especially when you run out of time to carry out all your assigned tasks. There are actually many professionals out there, who can be hired to do your work, so that you can have more time to enjoy the activities you love to do. The professionals, who lend you the helping hand to get any sort of task done are known as concierges.

The concierge industry is, in fact, one of those industries that is still growing these days. And wouldn't it be? The concierge services are getting more and more popular because of the benefits they offer. No matter the type of jobs you need help in, your concierge will do everything for you, ensuring successful completion of the tasks in time.

Since the need of a concierge service may vary from person to person, therefore, these services can be divided into different categories, such as personal, residential, business, luxury, virtual, and custom concierge services.

Luckily, finding a good conci…

Want To Add Luxury To Your Life? Hire a Concierge

The hospitality industry has seen a sharp growth in the recent times and the main reason behind the growth is the increasing demand of hospitality services. Everybody wishes to live a luxury life, but only a few will achieve success in that. These days, people remain busy all the time and sometimes they don't even remember to do the basic jobs that are necessary to run their lives. If you are also one among those people, then you don't need to worry anymore as you can make use of concierge services to get away with your daily routine jobs.

These services are especially designed by keeping in view the busy schedules of people who don't have the time to enjoy the fruit of their hard work. There are different types of concierges and each performs a different role such as a personal concierge who more acts as a personal assistant and do everything for its hirer, whereas a business concierge performs different duties. The person doing this kind of job takes the responsibility o…

A Professional Concierge is All You Need!

Many big organizations rely on the services offered by other professionals to carry out their daily activities. By providing special attention and fulfilling the needs of the clients, there are concierge companies that offer the first rate doorman and front desk services.

The main aim of any concierge company is to lend their clients an extra pair of helping hand, so they can complete their assigned tasks within the specified time. These services are also helpful to the people, who usually don't get time to enjoy moments with their loved ones.

The concierge industry in a growing industry and services offered by this industry is beneficial for all. To help people from all aspects of life, these services can be classified into different categories. These are personal concierge services, professional concierge services, corporate concierge services, virtual concierge services, luxury concierge services, and custom concierge services.

Depending upon the needs and wants, one can hire conc…

Some Consideration Points to Offer Professional Concierge Services

A concierge can be considered a professional who can fulfill all your needs and wants by providing you a helping hand. Depending upon the industry you come from, they can help you in every task you assign them. Ranging from booking reservations to event ticketing, car rental to air travel, old/dependent care to pet care, home cleaning to errand services and a lot more, professional concierges help you with very aspect.

If you are someone who is planning to provide professional concierge services to your clients, customers and residents, then you should take into consideration several points. Some of them are given below: First things first, you should have a plan of action, so you can determine what you need and when you need.
You should have your web portal over the Internet, so your potential customers can contact you with ease.
Determine your budget in advance, so you can get the resources accordingly. Never start your business without any estimate, otherwise you may have to face con…

Choose a Professional Concierge for Your Business


Different Services Offered By A Personal Concierge

There is an increase in the number of concierge service providers in the last two or three decades. Most of the people find it difficult to manage their professional life with personal life and employ someone else to manage all that. There are different types of concierges that people hire to complete their work and some of them are personal concierge, business concierge, professional concierge and others. 
There are so many things that are quite important in an individual's life such as house cleaning, grocery shopping, paying utility bills and other things. A personal concierge or can say a personal assistant is the perfect solution for busy professionals to easily manage these things. Some of the major service offered by a personal assistant are discussed below: