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Ever thought why Hotels and Resorts have Concierge Services in the Lobby? Today we are going to read about a man and would try to dig into his life and his journey from Rags to Riches.
"The goal is to win. It's not about making money. I have many much less risky ways of making money than this (buying Chelsea football club). I don't want to throw my money away, but it's really about having fun and that means success and trophies." ~ Roman Abramovich
Abramovich is the largest shareholder of Evraz, Russia's second-biggest steelmaker. He owns stakes in Norilsk Nickel, the world's largest producer of refined nickel, and London's Chelsea Football Club. He built his fortune from dividends and sales of privatized assets acquired from the former Soviet Union, including Sibneft and Aeroflot.

'Shy would be a word to describe him.' There have been many others: ruthless, generous, audacious, calculating, visionary. But shy? A strange adjective to describe …

Concierge Helping Employees & Employers Maintain Work- life Balance

The globalization marked the dawn of the 24 hours connectivity, thereby making the market highly competitive in terms of availability. However, this pursuit is emerging as a challenge to maintain the work life balance for the employees. As a result, employees are utilizing office hours to take care of their personal odd jobs. According to a study, “more than 80 percent of the employees spend their one-third of the work time handling their personal errands.” This distraction results in incomplete personal tasks and reduced productivity as it takes an additional time to re-accomplish the focus on the same task.

The employees have a different set of role and responsibilities beyond the walls of the workplace that needs equal attention as well. The 8 hours rigid increments- 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours of family, is nowadays challenging to maintain due to the extended working hours due to globalization, connectivity and highly competitive market.  This speaks to the chal…

Hate Doing Multitasking? Let Concierge Services Take Over!

Everyone likes to lead a smooth life without any hustle. Well, life is not all about working and paying bills. You want to enjoy your time with family and friends. Don't you? But, busy schedules don't allow this to happen. I have seen many people canceling their trips because they don't want to take the stress of making so many arrangements in the limited time. Well, there is always a solution to a problem. And when we talk about making arrangements, no one is better than concierge services.
A concierge provides you with an array of services such as vacation planning, party arrangements, babysitting, personal errands and more. So many times it happens that some petty tasks take your thrill away by eating up your precious time. For those who are planning a holiday trip, these concierge servicescan really be helpful in making your trip pleasurable. Asking how? Well, they will assist you in organizing your trip from start to finish. You just need to find a professional and de…

Let Business Concierge Share your Burden!

As the life is getting busier with every passing day, there is always a need for someone who can lend you a helping hand and make things easier. This is where a business concierge can be your best friend. There are so many tasks that one needs to perform every day. A concierge makes it possible to optimize your time by taking care of many of these tasks.

Nowadays, many people use concierge services. Whether it is about your travel and hotel booking or arranging a place for your event, these services are there for you.  Want to know how can a concierge service help you? Keep on reading; you will definitely get the hang of it!

Improves productivity!
There are so many things that occupy your mind during your business trips. Well, you want to focus on business-related tasks only and want to stay focused. In such a scenario, no one wants to waste time on small details such as traveling to your hotel, finding a place to store luggage and visiting the attractions where you are traveling to. By …

Hire a Luxury Concierge and Enjoy Your Lavish Vacations!

There might not be a person who doesn't want a luxury life. Yes, we all love to have all kinds of comforts and luxuries in our life. Well, the irony is that when you have wealth to buy all those luxuries, you often don't have much time to plan for or manage them. That is where you need a helping hand; you need a luxury concierge.

There must be a reason why some people hire different services to get their different jobs done. Well, it is the fact the everyone cannot do everything. There will be a time when you will have to hire someone to do the job for you. In short, it is a great idea to hire a luxury concierge to manage everything for you.

From luxury hotels to event organization, rides to yachting, grand parties to traveling and more, all these things are there to give you an experience that everyone strives for. It is always better to hire the services of a concierge as it provides you with many added benefits. Let's check out two of them:

Saves your precious time
– As th…

Choose the Best Corporate Concierge Services

Many organizations, big or small, are now relying on the beneficial services offered by other professionals, known as concierges. By rendering special attention and fulfilling the requirements of their clients, concierges provide them the first-rate doorman and front desk services. Since they offer corporate support services, they are known as 'corporate concierges'.

The prime objective of a corporate concierge is to lend all his clients a pair of helping hands, so they can balance their personal as well as professional lives. The services offered by these professionals are highly beneficial for the people, who usually don't get enough time to make the most of their personal lives.

Without any doubt, the concierge industry is booming these days and so are its services. To help people from all aspects of life, concierge service can be classified into different categories. For example, personal concierge services, professional concierge services, corporate concierge service…

Custom Concierge Services Add Value to Your LIFE!

There is no second thought that the demand of concierge services is on the rise these days. In fact, the business of concierge services has been growing rapidly in the last two or three decades. This is the reason, you may come across many people who are making the most of these services.

If you are one of those folks who are not using these services at all, then you should look at these services closely. Allowing you to have some spare time, these services are meant to get all your tasks done in the most professional manner. Interestingly, these services can be used in almost all the fields. You can, in fact, categorized them either as residential concierge services or business concierge services.

According to your needs or assigned tasks, regular concierge services can also be considered custom concierge services. This implies that these services can be adjusted in order to fulfill your requirements. Some of the tasks that can be done with the use of concierge services include home c…

Add Luxury to Your Life With Concierge Services

There is an increase in concierge service businesses in the last two or three decades due to the busy schedules of individuals. More and more people are making use of concierge services to make themselves free to focus on important things. These services are used everywhere such as in homes, these are used for house cleaning, grocery shopping, babysitting, booking movie tickets, making dinner reservations and others. 

Custom Concierge – Going Beyond Expectations

Going beyond what your customers would expect from you should be the goal of every custom conciergecompany. A concierge is someone who provides highly personalized personal and personal services to its customers. Premier Concierge services are getting popular with time because they offer plenty of benefits to an individual and to a company as well. If you are someone striving between your personal and professional life, you can hire a custom concierge services and leave all your worries behind. Following are the ways in which a premier concierge can help you -
Home management – change of address, package deliveries, utility set up, mail pick up, maintenance services, housekeeping services and so on. Entertainment/ travel – reservation, airline travel, hotel arrangements, events, sport tickets, spa/ saloon appointments, itinerary activity/ planning and so on. Daily errands- tailoring, daily shopping, holiday cards, movie rentals and returns, car wash services, invitations…

Importance of Medical Concierge Services

According to recent studies, people have observed so many cases where they were helped by the concierges for their medical issues. These services are excellent when your family or loved ones are far from you as they bring the necessary medical aid to the patient within no time. In case, you are at some new place due to some important work and need immediate medical assistance, you just have to call for the Medical Conciergeservices. They will take care of everything and make sure that you get good aid at a reliable medical center.

So, whether you are at holiday or out due to some official work, there is no need to worry about your ill health. You just have to simple call them and they will be there with you and take you to the specialist who can cure your issue. Thus, you come out of such situation safely and wisely. Currently there are so many firms that have started the Medical Conciergeservice at very affordable prices. These firms are associated with Custom Conciergeexperts who…

Benefits Offered By A Professional Concierge

Gone are the days when people used to sit in their offices for long hours , just to finish the pending jobs. The time has changed and so does the facilities that are being provided to the employees in an organization. The companies have now understood that providing this help to their employees can reduce their work load and make them do their job tension-free. This has contributed to the source of boosting the morale and productivity of the staff. On the other hand there are some more benefits that a re being offered by these Professional Concierges.

The very first benefit is that these professionals are expert at doing their job so you don’t have to worry about how they will be managing your work. You just need to assign the task and they will try their level best to give you desired results before time.
Secondly, they have good experience in such fields like if you hire a Multifamily Concierge Service,they will do all your family tasks and the best part is that you don’t have to te…

Meet Your Household Needs With A Residential Concierge

There are different types of Concierge services and all categorized with their specialties. In case you want these to finish your office work, you can hire a corporate conciergeand on the other hand , if you want to do them all your household jobs, you can get a residential Concierge. These experts are great at their work and are very responsible for all their assigned tasks. This is the reason that people are demanding concierge services a lot. They want a helping hand for their work so that they can get a bit relief from what they have to finish daily. Nowadays, you will observe that while buying new homes, people search for these services. They prefer the supercities that provide such luxury services to their clients. This not only benefits them but also provides a lot of advantages to the firms that arrange these for their customers. On the other hand, lets now discuss the main household jobs which are finished by a residential concierge. These people have a very different job t…

Importance and Benefits Of a Residential Concierge

A concierge is someone who handles various personalized services of individuals in a residential setting. One of the most basic functions of a concierge is to meet and greet the customers whenever they walk in or walk out of a place. It is important for a residential concierge to add more to his service and therefore remembering name of the customers is an add-on service that leaves a good impression on visitors. A concierge is also responsible to take the messages of residents and deliver them wherever they want you to. Following are some of the most common concierge services of a residential concierge.

Another important part of concierge service is to arrange for various services for the residents. This doesn’t necessarily mean to be with your guests all the time, but you need to make whatever arrangements you are asked for. You might need to make dinner arrangements, travelling arrangements, hail cabs, book tickets and so on. It is important for a concierge to have the local knowled…

Basic Duties Of A Good Residential Concierge

If you think that a Residential conciergeis hired for just to say “ Hello' and “Good Day” to their clients, then it very important for you to know the basic duties of these professionals. A Professional conciergeis the one who takes care of all your tasks associated with their specialization. You can take an example of a Corporate Concierge who is responsible for all your official tasks, same is the case with a Residential concierge. His main duties are as below: 

These people handle all the daily requirements of the residents who are living in a society. They alone distribute the couriers, dispatch the parcels, go for shopping, organize entertainment programs and arrange the trips. Apart from this, a private one has to take care of the household chores of his client's family like dry cleaning, arranging appointments for doctor or at any other important place, preparing meals for the family and shopping for the daily needs. They are responsible for the repair services as …

Residential Concierge – Experience Luxury in Daily Life!

Residential concierge is somebody who is dedicated to provide myriad of services catering to individuals or groups. There are different types of concierges, however the most recognized ones are hotel, personal and residential concierge. These concierge services cater to various needs of residents who want to use these prestigious services. These services are of huge benefit to the property owners because they increase the desirability of their property.

With the help of these concierge services, residents will receive healthy work-life balance because concierges will assist them with anything they need. These services include errands such as, reservations, dinning, and housekeeping as well as relocation preparations. Making these services available to your residents can help you in number of ways, such as – resident retention, resident loyalty, and increase in turn over, less expense of marketing to fill vacancies and so on. These services will greatly contribute to the success of your…

Custom Concierge- For a Healthy Lifestyle

A concierge clearly understands that all the hours in the day are not enough to complete all the tasks. There is hardly any or nearly no time for yourself and your family. This is where custom concierge services help in. With the help theseservices, you can accomplish several tasks in no time, right from running errands, personal shopping, scheduling appointments, and household work and so on. A custom concierge will leave all your worries behind without you having an employer- employee commitment. 
Everyone has 24 hours in their routine and it’s never enough. You need to manage both your personal life and your professional life in this routine. Therefore, it becomes important to hire custom concierge services to make things manageable. No matter what your tasks involve, be it picking up an important gift, talking the dog for walk, dropping car for servicing, picking up kids, house maintenance, you can get everything done from a custom concierge. This will help you to focus on really i…