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Business Concierge: Now, You've Reasons to Hire The Best One

In this modern corporate world, there are services that are being outsourced from third party entities to run any organization successfully. One of the services that is getting more and more popular with each passing day is – concierge service. And, why wouldn't it be? This is a sort of service that comes with several benefits.

In this post, I've outlined three benefits of hiring a business concierge.

More productivity

If you've ever used concierge service, you must be agreed with one fact that the benefits of a corporate concierge are twofold, especially when it comes to productivity. Since your employees would be supported by other professionals, they would be able to work all day long without worrying about their personal needs and responsibilities. Your staff also feel more valued and they get a moral support to get their jobs done well on time. And hence, you can say that concierge service makes your staff more productive.

Leaves a long-lasting impression

One major benefit…

Some Responsibilities of a Residential Concierge

In simple words, a residential concierge is a person, who is responsible of providing several personalized services under a single roof. These concierges can usually be seen at a desk in a residential building. Depending upon the needs and wants of the clients, these concierges can offer a line of services.

The main purpose of residential concierges is to make the lives of their clients simpler and better. For this, they offer not only personalized services, but also luxury services. Although the residential concierges work within the societies or buildings, yet can offer to have several services related to the corporate world as well. For example, a residential conciergecan be assigned with a task to answer the calls, make reservations, etc.
Given below are some responsibilities of a residential concierge:
Similar to a concierge in a hotel, a residential concierge in a society is responsible to handle or carry out daily tasks. These concierges can be asked to get your running err…

Custom Concierge - For Great Convenience

Something always needs to be done and it seems that there is not enough time in the day to do it. It’s no surprise that everyone right from professionals at work to single moms – everyone needs some or the other sort of assistance. Using custom concierge services in this case can be the wisest decision you can make. With professional concierge services, you can have can have control of all your important affairs that will be taken care by a specialist. A professional conciergelets you manage time between your family and work effectively. 

Custom concierge business has gained popularity in a short span of time and it gives plenty of varieties to choose from. A variety of professional concierge services include – luxury and travel services, transportation and dinning services, fixing meetings, making trips, planning events, travel arrangements and so on. Acustom concierge will manage all your fields that you cannot handle yourself that includes both your personal and professional duties.

Corporate Concierge Services – A Benefit For Employees

Gone are the days when concierge services were limited to high-end luxury hotels. In today's highly competitive market the trend of corporate concierge services has grown tremendously. Many companies are now offering professional concierge services to their employees so that they can balance their professional and personal lives. Every employer would like that there employees are highly productive and give their 100% when at work but this is often not possible. Employees are mostly distracted due to their personal tasks like grocery shopping, laundry or filling a prescription. With the use of concierge services a person can easily complete their personal tasks which leaves them with more spare time and they can easily focus on their job.
Benefits of Corporate concierge services for employees
Providing concierge services to the employees work as a great tool for recruiting and retaining employees. Professional concierge services can be very valuable for companies who bill hourly li…

Unique Experience Crafted by Luxury Concierge

“The very best of everything” categorizes luxury in its natural state, but it requires a lot of hard effort to get the best. The latter part can be trusted with a luxury concierge who keeps a detailed list of the best things in the world – a keen individual just needs to experience it. Being luxury is relative to the needs of a person, we can’t have the universal definition of best. Concierge services providers understand the theory of relativity and thus provides tailored experiences to the clients precisely matching their absolute imagination of luxury. The definition of luxury is articulated by the client and depending upon his interests the concierge designs customized opulent package. Create a private experience for yourself by identifying your interest from the below set- Art
If your eyes shine and heart blossoms while seeing the mystic and glorious paintings by renowned painters, then your luxury concierge can arrange your visit to the world’s best art galleries. You can vie…

Exclusive Luxury Concierge for VIP Treatment

You are the most important person on earth. If you don’t believe us – ask your parents, wife, friends and kids. You must give yourself a VIP treatment – if not every time then once in the lifetime is must because you are special. Luxury Concierge enables all those individuals who aspire to live their feeling of being special through extraordinarily lavish engagements. What those special engagements could be? Find out here?

Dine in the Sky: Delight your taste buds with the best food while sitting in the sky. Such opportunities are not available ordinarily; a luxury concierge service provider needs to be approached to get such lifetime dining experience. Crack open a bottle in the hot air balloon Multiply the joy of your occasion, by celebrating it in the hot air balloon. With champagne in hand and your beloved on the side – make your celebration bigger than ever. Sit in the front VIP row Whether it is stadium or theater, sit with the celebrities in the front row to enjoy the VIP statu…

Sluggish Business Concierge Industry slowing US Economy

US economic recession is acting behind the dipping growth graph of business concierge. The purchasing power of citizens directly depends upon their income levels. They have limited resources to afford custom concierge services to make their life cozy & convenient. The retarding growth of concierge is equally contributing to the economic slump. Again, the concept of productivity over powers the discussion. The very existence of concierge is to increase the productivity of an individual. From fixing appointment, travel & event planning to basic errands, concierge takes care of a person to help him focus on core business areas. The high-priced cost of living has forced them to cut-down their expenses on business concierge, which has resulted in a chaos. Doing everything of your own is not that easy as it is to phrase.
In the latest strategies to overcome recession, there was an emphasis to bridge the skill gap through appropriate training. Now, if professionals would be busier in …

Residential concierge: Increases property value

Residentialconcierge, as the name itself suggests, the concierge service is designed to fulfill the needs and demands of residents of a community by offering them lavish services that are more than just high end services. In order to increase resident retention, a lot of communities are offering these services to their customers in an effort to provide them unique experience. Theconcierge servicehas become one of the main reasons why people would choose a particular community over others. They add much more to a community other than basic amenities and this becomes a deciding factor where other amenities become secondary.

Residential concierge endows their customers with outstanding concierge services that are important to them and thus, these also increase the value of a property. You can use these services whenever you want as they are licensed service providers to take care of their customers. Not only they become important part of customer’s life, but they also strengthen the b…