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The World of Service and its Impact on our Lives | PREMIERE CONCIERGE

“Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.” - Harriett Jackson Brown Jr. said these lines that got recognition by the entire world, and there are very few companies who understand these words and one who has, have reached the heights of utter success . The question here lays, why service is so vital to this world, w why it impacts every individual's life? It all began in 1760 when the world diverged into the industrial age , and a notion of earning through services reached the peaks. There were some regions and industries where the men were asked to work for 18 hours a day to make some pennies and meals. Then labor laws and human rights were floated and service hours were reduced to 12 hours. Eventually it was brought down to 10, and currently, it is hooked at 8 hours. Now 8 hours of service is usually not practiced by the majority of the world. Everyone in a corporate industry is known to work for around 12 hours a day. If you

How Does Premiere Concierge Help You and Your Employees?

As per a recent survey, 79% of people agreed to have burden at their workplace and 43% experienced stress over the organization of their home. The major part of the stress was noticed due to the lack of time. People were found with almost no time to manage even their regular household chores – such as cooking, cleaning their homes, doing errands, etc. To get rid of this stress, many big organizations in the nation have contacted Premiere Concierge. And, they're fully satisfied. After all, the concierge services are the solution to this problem that indeed helps working people be organized. You should also approach us to benefit yourself, your employees, and your business as a whole. Hold on. But, why? Wondering, what wonders can this company do for you? Let's know about this wonderful company in brief. At Premiere Concierge, we solely focus only on client satisfaction with our white label concierge programs. With our 24/7 dedicated assistance, we let you offer a line of

Personal Concierge: Does Your Tasks The Way You Want!

You always want someone to be there to take care of all those small little things that make your life comfortable. There are so many tasks that we do every day. There is a routine that we have settled into nicely. However, there are times when you find yourself in a situation when you require to take some time out from your busy schedule to perform some petty tasks. These are those tasks that don't necessarily require your involvement. Hence, it is always better to let someone else do them on your behalf. And who can be better to do this job than a personal concierge? There was a time when concierge services were thought of as a medium to satisfy one's luxury needs only. But, it has become more common in the recent times. More and more employers are offering these services to their employees, which has helped them to increase their productivity. From on-site car washing to dry cleaning to travel planning, all these tasks are done by a concierge. Personal concierge ser

Get to Know About Concierge Services and Hire the Best Company

Getting an extra pair of helping hands is always appreciated, especially when you run out of time to carry out all your assigned tasks. There are actually many professionals out there, who can be hired to do your work, so that you can have more time to enjoy the activities you love to do. The professionals, who lend you the helping hand to get any sort of task done are known as concierges. The concierge industry is, in fact, one of those industries that is still growing these days. And wouldn't it be? The concierge services are getting more and more popular because of the benefits they offer. No matter the type of jobs you need help in, your concierge will do everything for you, ensuring successful completion of the tasks in time. Since the need of a concierge service may vary from person to person, therefore, these services can be divided into different categories, such as personal, residential, business, luxury, virtual, and custom concierge services. Luckily, findin

Importance of Professional and Virtual Concierge

Many times, in a business setting – we find ourselves tied up between important versus important. There are a lot of tasks that don’t add to the overall productivity of your business, but they are important to do. These tasks are usually tiresome and take a lot of time to be executed. In such cases, hiring a professional concierge is one of the best decisions any business can make to save itself from unnecessary hassle and wastage of time. No matter what your requirements are, a personal concierge is someone that will help you to run all your errands and make things easier for you. These services are available through text, cell phone, email and so on. Also, it is not important to hire to hire professional concierge permanently, you can use them whenever you want and pay them on daily or hourly basis.  As the name itself suggests, a virtual concierge provides you with on- line access to wide arrange of offerings and capabilities. Whatever you needs are, yo

Custom Concierge – Going Beyond Expectations

Going beyond what your customers would expect from you should be the goal of every custom concierge company. A concierge is someone who provides highly personalized personal and personal services to its customers. Premier Concierge services are getting popular with time because they offer plenty of benefits to an individual and to a company as well. If you are someone striving between your personal and professional life, you can hire a custom concierge services and leave all your worries behind. Following are the ways in which a premier concierge can help you - Home managemen t – change of address, package deliveries, utility set up, mail pick up, maintenance services, housekeeping services and so on. Entertainment/ travel – reservation, airline travel, hotel arrangements, events, sport tickets, spa/ saloon appointments, itinerary activity/ planning and so on. Daily errand s- tailoring, daily shopping, holiday cards, movie rentals and retu

Plan A Vacation With Luxury Concierge

Wanting to plan a vacation with your family or friends? Using the services of a luxury concierge can leave all your worries behind of planning a perfect vacation. By utilizing the services of a professional concierge , you can enjoy the benefits that come along with a planned vacation and you wouldn’t need to put any efforts for the same. Following are some of the benefits that you will reap from it –      Professional planning : If you plan your vacation yourself, there are chances that you might miss some important landmarks of your desired destination. But, with a professional concierge , there are no chances! You will not only see all the important landmarks, but you will also know what you would like to do on a particular day. They will take care of each and every detail and make sure that you have a wonderful vacation.    Save time : When you are on a vacation, you no longer need to waste any time waiting in the line at the airport, arranging transp

Onset Of Winters, Christmas Is Almost Here – It’s The Time To Hire Concierge Service.

The festive winds are taking us closer to the Christmas & New Year celebrations. This is the high time for a residential community to touch up the building premises and revive the spirits of dwellers, otherwise it may get late. From revamping the building to organizing celebrations, there are many responsibilities that stay with the property owner. To ensure the meticulous arrangement, the realtor can delegate all responsibilities to the residential concierge service company. You won’t even believe, but a residential concierge takes up many jobs like –  Repair & Painting of Building The residential unit stands firm against all odd weathers over the year; the festival is a good excuse to refurnish it. The realtor can ask the concierge service company to repair and paint the complete building to give it a new looks and spice it up to the festival mood. Cleaning of Building Premises Grass mowing, pool cleaning, stores & gym clean up, etc. c

Manage Property with Commercial Concierge Services

Property is an investment that will yield you benefits only if you maintain it. Concierges assist everyone in everlasting busy lives to take care of aging properties. Professional services do not allow your residential units to age, but helps you maintain it fit & fresh for ages. A concierge plays two roles to manage your property completely – Commercial Concierge Services Record keeping is the main job responsibility of this role. Commercial concierge services include annual property assessment, legal documentation, bill delivery & receipts, tenant sourcing & management, record of property equipments (like air conditioners, water heaters, taps, furniture, etc.) Besides this, it provides customized services to cater your wish list across 24 X 7 hrs. It is the responsibility of the commercial concierge to send monthly statement of property to clients.  Multifamily Concierge Services Building reputation for property forms the core of this field

Increasing Demand of Commercial Concierge Services

Concierges save us from the stressful situations and help us balance our life at both professional and personal fronts. By carefully understanding the intricacies of day to day management, these services certainly resolve a lot of daily hassles. Due to high demand of these services, there has been a rapid increase in the popularity of personal concierge. Personal concierges make it easier to handle daily tasks which lead to a happy and stress free life which eventually results in increased productivity. By hiring a personal concierge, an employee can increase his productivity by focusing on tasks that are more important. To reap the benefits of commercial concierge services, it is important to put them in practice well in time in order to get immediate results. But before you do that, it is essential to identify the need of the human resource. Identify if they need someone to help them on just professional front or they need someone who can create a balance between work an

Residential concierge: Increases property value

Residential concierge , as the name itself suggests, the concierge service is designed to fulfill the needs and demands of residents of a community by offering them lavish services that are more than just high end services. In order to increase resident retention, a lot of communities are offering these services to their customers in an effort to provide them unique experience. The concierge service has become one of the main reasons why people would choose a particular community over others. They add much more to a community other than basic amenities and this becomes a deciding factor where other amenities become secondary. Residential concierge endows their customers with outstanding concierge services that are important to them and thus, these also increase the value of a property. You can use these services whenever you want as they are licensed service providers to take care of their customers. Not only they become important part of customer’s life, but they

Types of Concierge services

An organized lifestyle is the demand of time that is served by premier concierge services . Like programmed machines, we humans are working continuously to accomplish stretched task lists. Definitely we can’t put a full stop, but at least we can organize those to live a stress-free life. Concierge services give us an opportunity to manage our to-do lists and thus lifestyle. Our indulgence should be life not the tasks leading it. To everyone’s surprise, concierge companies unload our work burden. We need not be the master of all spheres as companies offer expert staff to accomplish specific jobs. There are many types of premier concierge services that can turn our taxing life into a hassle-free life. A few are listed below: Corporate Concierge Services: A concierge company can be entrusted for all office responsibilities. From responding mails to retaining employees, it delivers value to business operations. We need not hire pricey fixed employees, but delegate job respo