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Responsibilities of a Personal Concierge

A personal concierge is someone who does the most basic tasks for people in a premise. In today’s world with cut-throat competition and rat race, it can be really difficult to juggle between day to day responsibilities that can be time consuming and stressful. But with the help of a luxury concierge , you can make all this work without any stress. A personal concierge will help you in taking care of your business and house responsibilities efficiently. There is a lot of booming demand for concierges and organizers and one of the biggest reason for that is people usually have a lot of stuff cluttered up sin the work place and their homes that it becomes difficult for them to handle everything. It’s no surprise if you will see stack of papers, bills and stuff lying on your desk! People want to get things done, but they don’t have the time to do them – that’s where concierge services come in! With the help of these services, you can reduce stress and increase pr

Importance and Benefits Of a Residential Concierge

A concierge is someone who handles various personalized services of individuals in a residential setting. One of the most basic functions of a concierge is to meet and greet the customers whenever they walk in or walk out of a place. It is important for a residential concierge to add more to his service and therefore remembering name of the customers is an add-on service that leaves a good impression on visitors. A concierge is also responsible to take the messages of residents and deliver them wherever they want you to. Following are some of the most common concierge services of a residential concierge. Another important part of concierge service is to arrange for various services for the residents. This doesn’t necessarily mean to be with your guests all the time, but you need to make whatever arrangements you are asked for. You might need to make dinner arrangements, travelling arrangements, hail cabs, book tickets and so on. It is important for a concierge to

Basic Duties Of A Good Residential Concierge

If you think that a Residential concierge is hired for just to say “ Hello' and “Good Day” to their clients, then it very important for you to know the basic duties of these professionals. A Professional concierge is the one who takes care of all your tasks associated with their specialization. You can take an example of a Corporate Concierge who is responsible for all your official tasks, same is the case with a Residential concierge . His main duties are as below:  These people handle all the daily requirements of the residents who are living in a society. They alone distribute the couriers, dispatch the parcels, go for shopping, organize entertainment programs and arrange the trips. Apart from this, a private one has to take care of the household chores of his client's family like dry cleaning, arranging appointments for doctor or at any other important place, preparing meals for the family and shopping for the daily needs. They are responsible for

Corporate Concierge: Serve The Clients With Excellence

In the current scenarios there are several companies that provide the benefit of Concierge services to their employees. This latest tradition is gaining a lot of popularity as it reduces the extra work load on the staff and makes them concentrate on their work rather than worrying about the other matters. During the past few years, approximately 5% of the companies use to offer these services, but with the passage of time this percentage has grown up to 25%. This directly indicates that Concierge services are gaining popularity with each passing day. The enquirers have revealed that numerous firms have now started their search for some of the best Corporate concierge who can provide comfort and ease of work to their staff. Apart from this, a Corporate concierge not only reduces the work load, but it also helps in improving the productivity of the employees. This is because they can now sit back, relax and enjoy doing their job rather than wasting time on their o