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How To Start A Concierge Service Business

A concierge business is any business that whose prime aim is to provide personal errand services to corporate and non-corporate clients. You have seen that there is an increase in concierge service businesses in the past few years as people have become more dependent on others for doing their routine jobs. The given blog post is all about how to start a concierge service business. Concierge services are of different types ranging from personal concierge, residential concierge, corporate concierge , luxury concierge, virtual concierge and others. A concierge service business can be started by a single person who has qualities of a concierge or by a group of concierge professionals having rich experience in offering concierge services. Here are some tips that can benefit you in your concierge service business: Start with a business plan, as planning is a must for every business. There is no need to spend much on a business idea as you are not starting a large scale business. Write yo

Benefits Of Concierge Services

The word concierge is used for different people in different industries. In hotel industry, a concierge is a staff member of a hotel who assists guests by handling the storage of luggage, taking and delivering messages, and making reservations for tours. From this word, concierge services is derived, a concierge service can be a service like transportation from and to a location for an individual staying in a hotel at an extra cost. A concierge service can do many things for you it can arrange your holidays, recommend and book restaurants all over the world, source tickets for concerts and VIP events, and advise on a range of lifestyle services. Concierge services are becoming popular these days as nobody has enough time to do the daily chores of life. Time is money for everybody and no one is ready to waste his/her precious time in doing unnecessary things or things which are not as important as others. To do all that, they make use of concierge services offered by a large number o

Virtual Concierge - Access To High Tech Concierge Services

As the name itself suggests,  a virtual concierge is an virtual form of the traditional human concierge. These concierges usually work with digital kiosks, a software application or interactive design display. These systems are becoming very popular as compared to the traditional human concierge. These services are changing how people would perceive concierge services. Virtual concierge can exist in any virtual realm – they have got those tickets you wanted, a table at a fancy restaurant you wanted to – all you need to do is touch the screen and make your order! These high-tech services are becoming very common in hotel and restaurant industry. Virtual concierge services provide online assistance with a live/ real person working on your requests. Even though a concierge wont be physically present near you – but with the help of technology, you can easily make all your requests and get them fulfill anytime and anywhere. Other than hotels and restaurants, health industry is also catch

Increasing Popularity Of Residential Concierge Services

A concierge is someone who is a service provider of personalized services or any any other service for that matter. When it comes to residential concierge, he is someone who usually works in the building. There are a lot of benefits of a concierge is a residential building and the most important thing of all is to manage family's affair, convincing more people to move in a community and increase resident retention. Since, every property is different with its own pros and cons and therefore attracting residents to one particular community is a challenging task. This is one big reason for an exponential growth of luxury concierge services in residential communities. These services are dedicated to give their customers an unforgettable experience. These services are also called lifestyle services because  all the importance is given to the resident and services are given like that of a five star hotel. A residential concierge is responsible to handle all the aspects of a property a