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Standardized Communication Through Multifamily Concierge Services

The emerging concierge industry has new stems budding every day; multifamily concierge services seem to be one among that. Basically, it is grown on the branch called residential concierge that help dwellers to lead their lives comfortably & conveniently. This particular commercial concierge services category helps communities to regularize their communication and further allows residents to connect with each other with a customized e-communication portal.  Features of Custom Communication Services Portal: E-Newsletter: All residents receive monthly or weekly newsletter about their community. Through multifamily concierge services, newsletters can be circulated to enhance the lifestyle of the complete society. Letter Templates : This model has ready to use letter templates that make it easier for office bearers of the community to plan & execute programs meticulously. Important Messages : Community managers can send messages to residen

Why Do You Need Corporate Concierge & Business Concierge?

Corporate Concierge Have you ever felt that your employees are stressed and are not productive as always? Have you ever tried to know the reason behind it? If everything is running well professionally, it can be judged there is something to fix in personal life. None can jump into employee’s personal life, but that does not mean that you can’t do anything for him/her. You need a corporate concierge here. Buy a concierge program for your company and experience the wonders it would do for you. It acts like a fringe benefit program for them that enable them to do their household work efficiently. From pick & drop service, parcel delivery, bank tasks, plumbing, fixing appointment with doctors to event planning, concierge does everything for an employee on the behalf of company. Besides this, your company can even offer them rejuvenating getaways, club tickets, alarming services, etc. Through such concierge services , you can multiply the output of employees. Business Concier

Responsibilities of a residential concierge

A residential concierge is also called a lifestyle manager and they not only offer you personal assistance, but they offer front-of-house services like a hotel concierge. Although job of a residential concierge is mostly to work within a residential property such as a community or an apartment complex, but one may also work in homes as a house manager and handle various aspects of household activities such answering calls, handling dry cleaning and so on. Handling domestic matters Just like a hotel concierge service, a residential one takes care of daily needs of their residents in the community. The process can also be done by phone, e-mail or in person. Responsibilities of a concierge in a community includes handling mails, parcels, making travel arrangements, shopping, entertainment and on. Also, in a private setting a concierge may also ta

Residential concierge: Increases property value

Residential concierge , as the name itself suggests, the concierge service is designed to fulfill the needs and demands of residents of a community by offering them lavish services that are more than just high end services. In order to increase resident retention, a lot of communities are offering these services to their customers in an effort to provide them unique experience. The concierge service has become one of the main reasons why people would choose a particular community over others. They add much more to a community other than basic amenities and this becomes a deciding factor where other amenities become secondary. Residential concierge endows their customers with outstanding concierge services that are important to them and thus, these also increase the value of a property. You can use these services whenever you want as they are licensed service providers to take care of their customers. Not only they become important part of customer’s life, but they

Importance of Multifamily Concierge Services

Multifamily concierge services are designed to improve residential life by offering unique lifestyle services to increase resident retention and loyalty. In addition, with the help of these services one can easily remove the burden of non- leasing/ sales issues because these services help residents to demonstrate your commitment to them and also for future residents. These services can add to the success of your residential community. Multifamily concierges work with property managers, home-owners and others in order to present best of housing services. Multifamily concierge services mean different to different people however; the most important task of concierges is that to fulfill everyday need of their clients. In this competitive environment, people look for residential areas with additional benefits and that’s where multifamily concierge plays their role. They become a unique selling point for a community, therefore, if you are one of those looking for property with add