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Keep Your Top Talent Intact with The Help of Corporate Concierge!

In a survey, more than half of the people surveyed in the Accenture report said they’ve rejected job offers that had the potential to negatively impact work-life balance.

Wondering what the above stat is all about? Well, it states that your employees need to be happy and satisfied when it comes managing their work and life. And,  this is where corporate concierge services become a valuable perk for attracting as well as keeping your top performers.

In the corporate world, whatever the circumstances may be, you have to maintain a loyal customer base.  Well, to be able to do so, there a need to take away some burned off their shoulders. This is exactly what a corporate concierges do for you.

It's nothing like having a competent concierge to take care of the personal affairs of your employees. They want some time and freedom so that they can easily focus on their job duties, and at the same time, they can also get time for their home responsibilities and leisure activities. Well, it is …

Hire Luxury Concierge and Add Luxury to Your Life!

There are people who spend their whole life thinking that one day they will do they really like to do. Well, it may be your dream to roam around the world and enjoy the life in the way you want. Well, there are some everyday tasks that come in the way of this desire. But, you deserve to lead a luxurious life. And who can help you better in this regard than a luxury concierge?
Well, many people hire these services to get all unproductive tasks done. There are times when you are too occupied with your work and want someone to do the job on your behalf. Hiring a concierge is a great idea as these are the people who can help you manage everything.
A luxury concierge helps you by booking luxury hotels, arranging grand parties and taking care of your travel plan. Well, luxury is something that everyone strives for. And there is always better to have a helping hand to take care of all the arrangements related to it. From accommodation to flights to food to parties, a concierge helps you with…

Let the Best Concierge Services Do the Job for You!

Well, if you are here, I guess you may be looking for concierge services. Coming straight to the point, I am going to tell you some tips that can help you to find a concierge who can satisfy your needs. Check these tips out:

Professional and reliable service - The first thing that you want in a concierge is reliability and professionalism. For instance, if you are hiring a concierge for your property, you want him/her to be professional enough to impress your visitors. You need a person whom you can rely upon to greet your guests, tenants and even employees. You should ask the concierge about the services they provide. Some of them provide a comprehensive service and some may provide limited ones.

Check skills - It is always better to ask the concierge agency about their training practices and experience in handling a particular task. If required so, ask them to provide a proof or example of their skills. You can ask the concierge company to show a demo of their services and how they …

Why Should You've a Concierge Help Desk in Your Organization?

Do you want to know how beneficial concierge services are for organizations? They're a kind of service that offers dual benefits to both employees and employers. While employees can use these services to minimize stress levels by assigning their tasks to the concierge team, employers can be benefited due to employee retention and increased ROI.

Let's find out how concierge services are beneficial for employers.

Employees give their 100%:
Having a concierge help desk in your organization makes sure that your employees possess a good living. Since you give them a team of professionals in the form of a concierge team, they're likely to lower their stress levels. This takes off a load of their shoulders and they become more focused to give their 100% effort.

You get loyalty in return: Giving your employees an amenity like this shows how much you care about their well-being and success. This shows you really respect their personal and professional lives. At the end of the day, you…

Awesome Help Desk Service of Our Community

I shifted to this amazing community located in Arizona, US, last week. Why so amazing? What have I discovered in just a week? Well, what separates this community from the rest is their unique help desk service. What? You haven't heard of such service? (See, that's why I call this community 'amazing'). Curious to know what's this help desk service all about? Or, how this service helped me?

I'm a single parent, living with my daughter and working full time from 9 am to 5 pm. Being a single person it was quite difficult for me to shift from one city to another with new faces everywhere. However, I was lucky enough to have such a great help desk service in the community.
Seeing me manage everything all alone, the professionals at the help desk came to me and asked if I need some help. I told them everything about my needs. Since that service was free to me (after all, I was now the resident of their community), they suggested me to initiate some requests. They simply…

How Concierge Service Helped Me Plan My Vacation?

When I was planning my honeymoon, I didn't go online and start browsing travel websites. Instead, I phoned Premiere Concierge, a concierge service company that offers the first-rate concierge services. Actually, I heard a lot about this company and it's one of those services that are available to the residential area I live in. So, I just thought to contact them.

Amazingly, I got their revert with some hotel options, for all-inclusive resorts in Arizona on the same day. I, with my wife, started sorting out the hotels and finally, we chose the best one. Interestingly, they issued the airline tickets too at highly competitive prices. To be very honest, everything was coming up to our expectations and we both were very happy. After all, I wouldn't have to take out time to research and plan.
This was the first time, when I hired someone, actually a 'concierge' to plan my vacation. Believe me, I had no idea about such concierge service that could actually make any diff…

Hire a Corporate Concierge Right Away

Being into the corporate world, if you often need someone to complete your assigned tasks, believe me, you should hire a corporate concierge. Thinking who is he and what can he do for you? A corporate concierge is like your personal assistant, who can lend you a pair of helping hands with an aim to make your professional life simpler and better.                                                       

Let's find out some benefits of hiring a corporate concierge: Lowering down your stress level is one of the biggest benefits. Of course, you definitely don't wish to live a stressful life. That's why hiring a reliable and experienced concierge can help you minimize your workload. Your corporate concierge can help you save on both time and money. Not only will you get some spare time, but will also notice an increased revenue-margin.Convenience! Of course, you don't want to compromise with it. Therefore, you should hire a concierge. Simply assign your to-do list to your conci…

A Career as a Personal Concierge

These days people are so busy and they can't accomplish their personal errands without the help of someone. This is why many corporations now provide benefits such as concierge services to their employees, which is quite helpful for them as their productivity grows with this.

The demand for concierges at the present time is at peak as it adds luxury to the lives of people. The increasing demand for these services has also grabbed the attention of the masses and people want to become a concierge to someone. If you also hold interest in becoming a concierge, then you need to be familiar with the jobs that you have to do.

Each concierge performs different jobs and help people facing problems in handling their errand jobs. For example, a personal concierge performs jobs such as personal shopping, grocery shopping,  utility bill payment, house cleaning, procuring tickets for a music concert in your area. However, if you talk about a corporate concierge who performs jobs such as taking…

Concierge Services To Better Your Life

You must agree to the fact that the concierge industry is seeing no boundaries and booming these days. A part of the credit goes to the industries that are almost incomplete without the use of concierge service. Hospitality is a good example where you can have a glimpse of concierge service very commonly. Since the concierge services are becoming more and more popular, you can locate many companies around you that offer such services to raise the standard of your living.                                     

Once thought to be made only for the rich, today concierge service is available for all. In fact, you can also hire a concierge to get your daily tasks done. Concierge service was indeed introduced to serve the royal families to carry out their daily tasks.

In order to cater to the needs of all, concierge services can be divided into several categories, such as personal, business, virtual, custom, and luxury concierge services. No matter the type of task, concierges can do any task…

Hire Concierge Services to Get Some Time For Your Loved Ones

These days, people are getting more and more busy in order to earn more and more money. They are earning more money at the cost of missing the quality time that they could spend with their loved ones. It is important for them to know that time never waits for anyone and the time you miss out to spend with your family members would never come again. After all, it is your family members for whom you are earning and there is no benefit of earning if you are not able to give them the attention they need and that too all because of shortage of time.
You would question how it is possible to spend your day and also handle your business simultaneously. Previously there was no solution to this, however, if you talk about the present time, then there is a solution. The solution is to make use of concierge services, which are especially designed by keeping in view the busy schedule of people who are facing the problem of shortage of time. These services will provide them with time that they ne…

Hire a Luxury Concierge and Enjoy Every Single Moment of Your Day

Every individual wishes of living a lavish life, but only the rich have the privilege to turn it into reality because one needs to spend a good amount of money. For most of the people, the definition of luxury is getting rid of doing their daily routine jobs themselves. However, the definition of luxury is that it is a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense. It means people having enough money can afford to have luxury in their lives so the poor can't dream of living a luxury life.

Earlier, there was no solution to this, however, if you talk about the present time, then there is a solution, which is to hire a concierge. Now your question is who is a concierge? A concierge is nothing, but is an individual who will take the responsibility of handling your errand jobs and gives you the time, which is the most important thing in every individual's life. If you really want to get the most of your day and enjoy it to the fullest, then the best th…

Concierge Services: Make the Most of Them

Many people out there believe that concierge services are today's innovations, however, if you dig into the past, you will find that the core concept of concierge services has always been there in our society. In fact, we always try to apply this concept in our daily life. However, it is not always very easy to get an extra pair of helping hands. Your loved ones and companions can't be there with you whenever you need them the most.

Luckily, personalized concierge services are there to help you out. No matter the type of jobs you need help with, you always have the option to hire a concierge. The good news is concierge services can be classified into different categories, including personal, corporate, residential, luxury, virtual and custom concierge services. For example, if you need assistance in arranging a business meeting or booking accommodation for a business trip, then you can take help of your corporate concierge.

Depending upon your needs and wants, there could be man…

Concierge Services: Make the Most of Them

Your professional life is likely to be super busy, especially if you belong to a business, where you can afford to put your work in a pending status. No doubt you complete all your assigned tasks in a timely manner, however, you may somewhere have to compromise with your personal life. You might have even witnessed several scenarios, where you had no other option, but to spend more than 12 hours in your office. This is, in fact, the daily routine of many professional individuals. So, why live a hectic life when you can make the most of your quality time?

Concierge services are the solutions that can help you live a better life. Thinking, how? Well, these are the services that can help you get all your tasks done in a timely manner. This implies you don't need to do everything on your own. Instead, assign tasks to the concierges and enjoy the quality time with your loved ones.

While the concierge industry is booming these days, there are people, who think that these services are not …

Hire a Corporate Concierge to Take a Load Off

The term 'corporate concierge services' is becoming more and more popular these days. And why wouldn't it be? Well, these are the services that help the individuals, especially the corporate ones to carry out their day to day tasks in time. No matter what sort of tasks are lined up, a corporate concierge can be hired to get all those tasks done and that too without compromising with the quality.

Also known as business concierges, these professionals lend a pair of helping hands to the time-starved individuals, so they can also enjoy the quality time with their loved ones. If you talk about the real case scenario, then you will find that there are corporate individuals, who are actually forced to work in their offices for more than 10 and even 12 hours a day. Probably, you're one of them. And if you are, then you can't also ignore the significance of the tasks that are assigned to you. This is the time, when a corporate concierge comes into the picture and can play a…

Hire the Best Concierge and Raise the Standard of Your Living

The role and responsibilities of professional concierges depend upon where their services are being delivered. These days concierge services can be seen at hotels, community centers, resorts, and residential establishments like apartments, flats, and even private homes.

In general, the residential concierges are responsible to get all the assigned tasks done, ensuring that all the needs of their clients (residents or guests) are met. Some common duties of a residential concierge include greeting guests, informing, coordinating and maintaining security.

At the hotels or resorts, the concierges offer their services to the guests, fulfilling all their needs and wants, whereas, at the apartments or private homes, the concierges serve as more permanent and familiar personal assistants. Although the aim of whole concierge family is same, yet the distinction point could be the type of services being offered. This is the reason, the concierge services can be classified into different categories…

Concierge Services For All Not For Only Members

These days most of the people share a common problem,s which is running short of time. They find it difficult to complete even those jobs, which are quite essential for running their lives. Earlier, they didn't have any other option than leaving some of their jobs, but they don't need to worry anymore as they can use hire a concierge to get away with the jobs they hate to do or finding difficult to complete. Before going further, you need to know who is a concierge? It is referred to a resident caretaker of a block of flats or a small hotel. 

Concierge services are of different types and each concierge performs different duties like a corporate concierge, who is mostly found at business places. He does jobs like taking telephone calls at the front desk and booking conference halls for business meetings. The person doing the job of a concierge takes the responsibility of handling some of the jobs of its hirer and gives him/her time, which can be utilized for some other activity …

Top Three Benefits Of A Professional Concierge

These days, people are occupied with a lot of work and responsiblities and don't get time for themselves and their families. Sometimes, they have to choose among jobs and of course they will choose those jobs which are of higher priority. If you are one among those individuals, you no longer need to worry as there are professional concierge services that you can use to reduce your burden. 

Normally, a professional concierge offers a wide range of services ranging from making dinner reservations, taking telephone calls at the front desk, booking conference halls for important business meetings, handling admin work and others. Individuals doing this kind of job are well mannered and quite knowledgeable and talk to you in a polite manner. When you hire a professional concierge, he/she will take the responsibility of doing some of your jobs and gives you time for yourself and your families. Before hiring any individual as your concierge, you need to do some research about him/her. Y…

Personal Concierge Service Business – A Great Business Option

These days, most of the people remain busy with their jobs and other life chores and due to their busy schedules, they find it difficult to complete even those jobs, which are quite to run their lives. If you are one among those, then you should know about concierge services that are designed to add luxury to people's lives. A personal concierge is the perfect individual that can help busy individuals in carrying on with their daily routine jobs. The person doing this kind of job has to perform jobs like making dinner reservations, grocery shopping, payment of utility bills or any other job that you are unable to complete. 

A personal concierge can be a great career option if you are good at helping others. To become a concierge, you don't need any money or training, but there a lot of other things that you need. The person doing the job of a personal concierge must be highly professional and trustworthy. You need to remember one rule that you must be on time even if your boss…

Important Things To Start a Concierge Service Business

There is a many fold increase in concierge service businesses in the recent times and the main reason behind the increment is the increased demand. Before going further, you need to know what is a concierge? The term “concierge” is used for a resident caretaker of a block of flats or a small hotel. If you like to help others, then a concierge service business can be a great option. There are a few things that you need to take care to start this any kind of business. 

Below listed are some important things that you should consider before starting a concierge business: The first and the most important thing is to find out the legalities as there are different policies of every state or region. The best thing to do is to ask your local chamber of commerce what are the formalities to start this kind of business?  Secondly, you need to know the competition and understand it well and plan your strategy according to that. For example, if there are several businesses offering the same s…

Need Assistance? Get Concierge Services from the Best Stop-Shop!

Due to the increased competition level, it's very difficult for many individuals to complete their assigned tasks in a timely fashion. They say 'time has wings'. Well, it's not a false statement, as a day of 24 hours is not enough to complete every single assigned task. That is why, you may come across many time-starved individuals, who actually sacrifice their personal life to make their career. While some of them consider it good for their professional life, there are people who don't want their personal life being neglected completely.
If you are someone who wants to get all your assigned tasks done on time, without even compromising with your personal life, then you are recommended to get concierge services. These services are helpful to let you focus on the important tasks. Now, you can get spare time to enjoy the activities you love to do, as other not so important tasks will get done by the concierges. 

There are many benefits of concierge service. Let's f…