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5 Things that Takes a Company from Ashes to Success

When life hits you, it hits you massively. There are no flood controls, there is a very little friction to hold you tight and the time turns to be a black hole – suck you into a ditch that ends into a wrong place. “ Over 90% of new businesses fall flat, due essentially to implosion instead of rivalry.  For the under 10% of new companies that do succeed, most experience a few close passing encounters en route.” What makes us different is the fact that we never quit. At least those who want to be an entrepreneur they are supposed to be like this. Some say that they are born to be like this, and some say it's important to fail before your taste the success. Now the million-dollar question is, how can you come in the 10% success bracket? Jelly Vision was games engineer best known for "You Don't Know Jack." When the business moved from CDs and table consoles to on the web, costs dove from $30 to $5 per game. Throughout the following year and a