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Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Business Trips with Concierge Service!

According to a report by market research firm IBIS World,  the concierge services industry has been growing at an average annual rate of 3.7% in the past decade. It is worth more than $297 million in annual revenue each year.

Demand for concierge services is escalating as people are getting busier in their lives. One of the most sort after concierge services is of a luxury concierge, especially for business travelers.  Well, everyone wants a touch of luxury, and business travelers are no different. The irony is that these travelers have enough wealth to buy all those luxuries, but seldom get time to plan for or manage them. This is where luxury concierges make their way in.

From finding hotels to booking flights to finding the best coffee shop to ensuring your smooth transportations to hotels, these concierges do everything for you.  

Check out how luxury concierges can positively impact a business trip!

Easier decision making!
Most people use their smartphones to know which is the best p…

Personal Concierge: Does Your Tasks The Way You Want!

You always want someone to be there to take care of all those small little things that make your life comfortable. There are so many tasks that we do every day. There is a routine that we have settled into nicely. However, there are times when you find yourself in a situation when you require to take some time out from your busy schedule to perform some petty tasks.

These are those tasks that don't necessarily require your involvement. Hence, it is always better to let someone else do them on your behalf. And who can be better to do this job than a personal concierge? There was a time when concierge services were thought of as a medium to satisfy one's luxury needs only. But, it has become more common in the recent times. More and more employers are offering these services to their employees, which has helped them to increase their productivity. From on-site car washing to dry cleaning to travel planning, all these tasks are done by a concierge.

Personal concierge services play …

Hire Concierge Services And Do What You Are Best At!

There are so many tasks that we professionals do every day in our lives. Well, we all have acquired a certain skill after years of training and knowledge. There are many challenging tasks that we perform to satisfy our clients. However, sometimes it happens that we fail to focus on vital aspects of our duty due to some unproductive jobs that we do.

Doing all these petty things can take away your focus away from your main job. And you don't want these small little jobs to dictate your career. Do you? But, don't you worry as you can always use the help of an outside source. Yes, you nailed it. I am talking about concierge services.

Imagine you are a business professional who has a vital presentation to give, and you are busy answering phone calls for your boss. Of course, I know this job needs to be done by the receptionist. But, can you trust the skills and reliability of the receptionist whom you have hired? Okay, you might get lucky and find a good one. But what will happen whe…

Save Time and Money Using Concierge Services

Guess what? I live in an apartment in Arizona, which is served by Premiere Concierge – a leading company that renders dedicated concierge service. I'm loving it; after all, such service means a lot to me to live a better and happier life.

Hello there! I'm a Jessica, a working woman with a kid. When I moved into this apartment, I thought things were going to be really difficult. I was in a really new place, after all. But, when I got to know about a service which is just a phone call away to get any sort of task done, I was so very excited. I first tried this service to manage and keep everything in their place at my new home. And believe me, I was fully satisfied.

Now, I often initiate my requests to the professionals at the help desk service of our community and they make sure to forward them to the right vendors. To be very honest, doing so not only helps me save time, but also money.

Let's find out how I save time and money using concierge services of our community:

Let som…

Concierge Service: Independent Living Facility for Senior Citizens

The residential community we live in is simply awesome. It renders a service which many resident communities don't even know about. It has a help desk service to cater to the needs of all residents. Now, our helping hand is just a phone call away. Experiencing such service is like living in a five star resort.

One of the services that I often ask for my parents is the independent living facility. It gives old age people an excellent option to live actively and vibrantly. For me, it's like a more personalized service, which is, without any doubt, far better than offering a luxury concierge setting or amenities. Now, retirees and seniors have a wonderful solution to meet all their needs and wants.

Similar to waitstaff in a five star resort or hotel, in-home care concierges are the professionals, who take care of every single need of their clients, as long as it's legal and possible. The best part is I just need to initiate a request to the professionals at the he…

Concierge Service Business – A Good Business Option

Do you hold a wish of living your life like the rich people live? If yes, then this post holds information on how can you achieve this aim. These days, people are getting more and more busy and they are not getting time to do their errand jobs. Having no time to do the errand jobs force them to skip those jobs, which disturbs their lives quite badly.

Now those individuals need not to worry as there is a solution to this problem, which is concierge service. This service is specifically designed by keeping in view the busy schedule of people and it gives them the time they need. In case you are planning to start a new business and looking for an idea, then a personal concierge service business can be a good option.

There are several benefits of concierge business over other business options: You don't require any special degree to start this business. No special training or experience is required. You can offer any combination of services you want and those could be the ones in whic…

Personal Concierge Do Care for YOU...

While you may not know what actually a concierge service is, there are people out there who are making the most of it. You can actually consider it as a 'time management service' that lets you enjoy your personal life without compromising with your professional life. No matter which industry you belong to – you can hire a concierge service to balance your life.

The concierge industry is getting more and more popular with each passing day. And why wouldn't it be? The concierge service helps simplify the life by taking the stress out of the busy day. Anything that you don't want to take care of, or don't have enough time to look after can be handled by your personal concierge.  Whatever thing you've on your to-do list – be it traveling, event management, running errands, research, paperwork, or much more, every single thing will be well taken care of. You just need to hire the right professional.                                               

“How much will I h…

Personal Concierge to Offer You More Time

A day of 24 hours is not enough to get everything done on time. If you also think the same, believe me, you need to hire a personal concierge. Now, you must be wondering who a concierge is and how he can help you. Well, a personal concierge is a professional, who can lend you an extra pair of helping hands to get all your tasks done on time.

In order to make the most of your concierge, make sure you take into account some necessary factors. Depending upon your needs and wants, the factors may vary, however, two of them shouldn't be overlooked. They are – expertise and experience.

Expertise is very important to make sure that the work is done with 100% accuracy, whereas, experience refers to the successful completion of the work at the earliest time possible. The concierge service is helpful for focusing on the core jobs, as other regular or not-so-important tasks will get done by the concierge only.

You might not have heard of this term before, but the concierge industry is getting…

Personal Concierge Services to Push Your Growth

In this highly competitive era, most professional individuals remain super busy with a lot of tasks to get done. In a limited time frame, they're bound to complete a series of tasks, which do not only consume their time, but also their energy. No doubt some of them are capable of doing all the assigned tasks on time and their managers are also satisfied with their work. However, when it comes to the personal life, they lack something very important. In simple words, they're unable to give their families the quality time they deserve, and hence, somewhere down the line, they ain't very satisfied with their lives.

If you also wish to add more time in your clock, you should hire a personal concierge. Hiring a concierge is the wisest decision and with this, you can expect to simplify your life. Not only will he offer a helping hand to get your tasks done on time, but also play a significant role in improving the quality of your life.

As per your needs and wants, you can ask yo…

Hire a Business Concierge to Get Your Business Tasks Done Perfectly

The lives of people are getting busier and busier with the passing of each day. All the credit of their busy schedule goes to their decision of earning more money than their rivals. Starting a new business or expanding the already existing business is quite hard, especially when don't have someone to help you out.

Running a business in itself is a tough task as it's about making your customers happy, which is no less than climbing a hill. There is no need to worry anymore as there is a solution to this. The solution is hiring a business concierge, an individual who will take the responsibility of handling your important business tasks and gives you time to focus on more important jobs.

The person doing the job of a business concierge offers services:

Market trends and industry statistics
Competitor's sales figures
Expenditure data
Prospect lists
and many more
When you have this information with you, then it will become easier to take your business to the top. Not only this, …

Concierge Services To Better Your Life

You must agree to the fact that the concierge industry is seeing no boundaries and booming these days. A part of the credit goes to the industries that are almost incomplete without the use of concierge service. Hospitality is a good example where you can have a glimpse of concierge service very commonly. Since the concierge services are becoming more and more popular, you can locate many companies around you that offer such services to raise the standard of your living.                                     

Once thought to be made only for the rich, today concierge service is available for all. In fact, you can also hire a concierge to get your daily tasks done. Concierge service was indeed introduced to serve the royal families to carry out their daily tasks.

In order to cater to the needs of all, concierge services can be divided into several categories, such as personal, business, virtual, custom, and luxury concierge services. No matter the type of task, concierges can do any task…

Hire A Concierge and Leave All Your Worries

Nowadays, it is possible to take off the burden of handling your daily routine tasks to another person. To make yourself free from doing these yourself what you have to do is to hire a concierge. Now the question is who is a concierge? A concierge is nothing, but is an individual, who is capable of doing any kind of job for its hirer. More and more number of people are hiring these individuals to get away from their daily routine jobs as these give them the time they want. 
This is one of the reasons that people are hiring concierges rather than employing individuals capable of doing any particular job. Luxury hotels were the first ones to offer concierge services in order to create a unique experience for their customers and later on these services were introduced in every field. The demand for these services is growing with the passing of each day. The growing demand also grabbed the attention of many people and that's why they are ready to make a career in this field. To become …

A Professional Concierge is All You Need!

Many big organizations rely on the services offered by other professionals to carry out their daily activities. By providing special attention and fulfilling the needs of the clients, there are concierge companies that offer the first rate doorman and front desk services.

The main aim of any concierge company is to lend their clients an extra pair of helping hand, so they can complete their assigned tasks within the specified time. These services are also helpful to the people, who usually don't get time to enjoy moments with their loved ones.

The concierge industry in a growing industry and services offered by this industry is beneficial for all. To help people from all aspects of life, these services can be classified into different categories. These are personal concierge services, professional concierge services, corporate concierge services, virtual concierge services, luxury concierge services, and custom concierge services.

Depending upon the needs and wants, one can hire conc…

Why You Should Hire A Personal Concierge?

The demand for concierge services has seen a sharp increase in the recent times. The main reason behind the growth is the busy schedule of people who find it difficult to complete even those jobs which are necessary to run their lives. That's why they employ someone else to complete the basis jobs like paying utility bills, grocery shopping, dropping important letters to the nearest post office or picking up dry cleaning and others. Sometimes when people don't find anyone to do their jobs, then they have to leave some of those, which later pose difficulty for them. 

Now those people need not to worry anymore as they can use concierge services, which are designed specifically for busy individuals, who are running short of time. A personal concierge is the best option for individuals who are running short of time or want to get rid of doing their daily routine jobs themselves. There are a number of benefits of hiring a personal concierge and the major ones are listed as the follo…

Personal Concierge Service Business – A Great Business Option

These days, most of the people remain busy with their jobs and other life chores and due to their busy schedules, they find it difficult to complete even those jobs, which are quite to run their lives. If you are one among those, then you should know about concierge services that are designed to add luxury to people's lives. A personal concierge is the perfect individual that can help busy individuals in carrying on with their daily routine jobs. The person doing this kind of job has to perform jobs like making dinner reservations, grocery shopping, payment of utility bills or any other job that you are unable to complete. 

A personal concierge can be a great career option if you are good at helping others. To become a concierge, you don't need any money or training, but there a lot of other things that you need. The person doing the job of a personal concierge must be highly professional and trustworthy. You need to remember one rule that you must be on time even if your boss…

Who is a Concierge and What Does he Do?

In this competitive era, professionals are quite busy with their jobs and responsibilities. They are occupied with different sorts of tasks, because of which, they hardly get time to enjoy the activities they love to do. They sometimes don't even get time to have a quality time with their loved ones and families. If these scenarios showcase your life, then you are recommended to hire a personal concierge. Who is a concierge and what does he do?

A personal concierge is a professional, who strives to make the life of his client simpler and even better. By lending a pair of extra hands, a professional conciergeassists in carrying out different sorts of tasks. Ranging from home cleaning to attending guests, making arrangements to recreation adventures, event ticket procurement to conference & banquet coordination, child care services to pet services, a concierge can help with every aspect of life.

Since the main of concierges is to improve the quality life of their clients, therefore…

Custom Concierge – Treating Your Customers Right!

A lot of businesses and individuals these days are hire personal concierge in order to give attention to their customers. The ultimate goal of these services is to provide exceptional experience and services to their clients. People who work as custom conciergeare thoroughly trained, screened and meticulously supervised under a team of experts. With the help of constant training and analysis, these concierges provide top-notch services to anyone who hires them. A personal concierge will help you with almost everything that includes tasks such as – picking up stuff, travel plans, making reservations, shopping, and household stuff and so on. A concierge can prove to be your best buddy who can assist you with pretty much everything.
No matter what your plans are, a concierge can bring stability in the life of a people and it can bring complete satisfaction and they no longer need to worry about any other chores. This trend is picking up very quickly and a lot of people are hiring custo…

Ways To Use A Business Concierge

There are so many ways by which you can take help from a Concierge as these people are expert in numerous fields. The best thing about these services is that they do every job so well that turns their clients very happy and satisfied. Now lets discuss the list of jobs that are done by these professionals: After hiring a Business Concierge you can get personalized services like they can come to your house and take care of all the household jobs including cooking, buying groceries from the stores, cleaning , washing and many other tasks.
They will provide you business referral services like assisting you in your office work, finishing your important pending tasks and guiding you for any official situation.
While you plan a trip they will arrange everything for you and your family or friends. All you have to do is to let them know when you want to go and what is the duration of your holiday. They will select an amazing location and book good accommodation to make your trip a real enterta…

Corporate concierge – for all businesses

In this age of constant competition, it becomes difficult for people to find time for themselves both at personal and professional front. Due to this, corporate concierge services are becoming very popular because these services are dedicated to manage the personal and professional life of the individuals. A premier concierge understands that it is really important to keep their customers stress free and happy so that they can increase their productivity. With the constant increase in the popularity, these services have proved their mettle by delivering the best at professional front. Following are the factors that will contribute to the success of premier concierge services in an organizational setting – 

First and the most important thing to understand is what exactly human resource wants. You need to indentify the needs of the individuals. You need to figure out if an organization needs someone who can create a balance between work and home or a concierge who can help people in…

Importance of Professional and Virtual Concierge

Many times, in a business setting – we find ourselves tied up between important versus important. There are a lot of tasks that don’t add to the overall productivity of your business, but they are important to do. These tasks are usually tiresome and take a lot of time to be executed. In such cases, hiring a professional concierge is one of the best decisions any business can make to save itself from unnecessary hassle and wastage of time. No matter what your requirements are, a personal concierge is someone that will help you to run all your errands and make things easier for you. These services are available through text, cell phone, email and so on. Also, it is not important to hire to hire professional concierge permanently, you can use them whenever you want and pay them on daily or hourly basis. 

As the name itself suggests, a virtual concierge provides you with on- line access to wide arrange of offerings and capabilities. Whatever you needs are, you can place the order online w…