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                "You are not rich until you have something that money cannot buy." Now, what is that money cannot buy in your day to day life? Is it happiness? Is it medical health? Alternatively, is it time?  Time would be an answer that tops the food chain of all the things that money cannot buy. Even if you have money, health insurance, a gym membership a club membership and the finest wine in your closet, without time, everything else will stay stationary and will be of no use. WHAT TO DO? Now there is a law of Inertia that says, “An Object Stays in Motion until or Unless an External Force is Applied." Now if there is something that cannot be stopped or can be harnessed, how about drawing a tangent to it and guide it the direction you want it to be. Like a river cannot behold, but you can build a canal to drive it the way you want. Now how to build a canal around time? HARVESTING TIME: Did you know that another name of harvesting time is 'BETTER MANAGEMENT


Building amenities have traveled a long way, and like location and price, they play an indispensable role in injecting an impact on the type of resident a property will attract. Advertising the property with words like ‘Gymnasium’ and ‘Swimming Pool’ are the tactics of the past, and in the present day world, they are not enough to woo the potential tenants. Today’s sagacious renters seek for the services and features that were once reserved for upscale hotels. Experience and Quality of Life are two important parameters that define the renter’s buying journey, and for the majority of apartment renters, it matters a lot. In today’s competitive marketplace, residential property managers and real estate companies face the challenge of coming up with new ways to not only attract tenants and homebuyers but also to keep them happy. Premiere Concierge lives up to these expectations by handling homeowners, rental tenants or guests in the finest and diverse manner. Value-Added Services and Ame

Hire Luxury Concierge and Add Luxury to Your Life!

There are people who spend their whole life thinking that one day they will do they really like to do. Well, it may be your dream to roam around the world and enjoy the life in the way you want. Well, there are some everyday tasks that come in the way of this desire. But, you deserve to lead a luxurious life. And who can help you better in this regard than a luxury concierge? Well, many people hire these services to get all unproductive tasks done. There are times when you are too occupied with your work and want someone to do the job on your behalf. Hiring a concierge is a great idea as these are the people who can help you manage everything. A luxury concierge helps you by booking luxury hotels, arranging grand parties and taking care of your travel plan. Well, luxury is something that everyone strives for. And there is always better to have a helping hand to take care of all the arrangements related to it. From accommodation to flights to f

Concierge Services: Make the Most of Them

Your professional life is likely to be super busy, especially if you belong to a business, where you can afford to put your work in a pending status. No doubt you complete all your assigned tasks in a timely manner, however, you may somewhere have to compromise with your personal life. You might have even witnessed several scenarios, where you had no other option, but to spend more than 12 hours in your office. This is, in fact, the daily routine of many professional individuals. So, why live a hectic life when you can make the most of your quality time? Concierge services are the solutions that can help you live a better life. Thinking, how? Well, these are the services that can help you get all your tasks done in a timely manner. This implies you don't need to do everything on your own. Instead, assign tasks to the concierges and enjoy the quality time with your loved ones. While the concierge industry is booming these days, there are people, who think that these servi

Some Responsibilities of a Residential Concierge

In simple words, a residential concierge is a person, who is responsible of providing several personalized services under a single roof. These concierges can usually be seen at a desk in a residential building. Depending upon the needs and wants of the clients, these concierges can offer a line of services. The main purpose of residential concierges is to make the li ves of their clients simpler and better. For this, they offer not only personalized services, but also luxury services. Although the residential concierges work within the societies or buildings, yet can offer to have several services related to the corporate world as well . For example, a residential concierge can be assigned with a task to answer the calls, make reservations, etc. G iven below are some responsibilities of a residential concierge: Similar to a concierge in a hotel, a residential concierge in a society is responsible to handle o r carry out daily tasks. These con

Corporate concierge – for all businesses

In this age of constant competition, it becomes difficult for people to find time for themselves both at personal and professional front. Due to this, corporate concierge services are becoming very popular because these services are dedicated to manage the personal and professional life of the individuals. A premier concierge understands that it is really important to keep their customers stress free and happy so that they can increase their productivity. With the constant increase in the popularity, these services have proved their mettle by delivering the best at professional front. Following are the factors that will contribute to the success of premier concierge services in an organizational setting –  First and the most important thing to understand is what exactly human resource wants. You need to indentify the needs of the individuals. You need to figure out if an organization needs someone who can create a balance between work and home or a concierge wh

Here’s why you should hire a business concierge!

Steve Thomas saves time for people who don ’ t have any spare time. As a responsible corporate concierge , he does various personal and business related works for his clients. Business concierge is a very popular concept in busiest countries; where people have a lot to do in a day, but very little time. Steve has been working as a corporate concierge for 3 years now and on my acquaintance with him yesterday, he shared a few thoughts about why people should consider hiring a business concierge . As soon as you involve corporate concierge in your working environment, you will notice an increased level of satisfaction among employees. Whenever an organization is struggling to manage work, leaves and workers - concierge is always there to help! Once you hire a business concierge , it is certain

The ingredients and Perks of a Professional Concierge

Balancing work and life continues to be one of the major concerns of individuals everywhere. It is certainly impossible to do things when things are hectic and in situations like this, you should use professional concierge services or custom concierge service that can help you manage both your life and work. Since a concierge is a customer service specialist, they will do everything that you expect from them. Following are the characteristics that highlight the importance of a professional concierge and why you should hire them: Sufficient experience in service industry. Zest and zeal to serve other people. A concierge can easily handle multiple tasks without being stressed. Problem- solving skills. Professional concierges have good network connections. Good interpersonal communication skills. A concierge is someone who sees joy in serving others and they eventually make things easier for you. They are not only a helping hand, but they a

Growing Demand of Maternity Professional Concierge

Like various residential concierge and professional concierge services , we have maternity concierges who are there to help pregnant women and their concerns of being pregnant. It is bliss for women who are busy and their partners as well. These concierges are professional concierges, someone that a pregnant woman wants herself to be around with. They take care of all your small or big needs such as selection of doctor, product research, nursery design, registry selection, maternity styling, maternal wellness, baby proofing, healthy home living, healthy home living, breastfeeding, massage, infant safety classes, childbirth education and so on. Maternity professional concierges are more of residential concierge because they assist you to get ready for the most exciting time of your life and they are there with you all the time. No matter if you are expecting a baby or planning to adopt one, professional concierge services are there to get you in gear by assisting mums-to-be in

Attributes Of Professional Concierge Services

M arket is overflowing with the number of concierge companies. Finding professional concierge services may put us in a fix. We are Jack of all trades and certainly can accomplish all tasks. But time is the biggest constraint that drives us towards these organizations. If delegation is the procedure, then why don’t we look for expert hands at work? Here, professional concierge services play significant role and ensure skillful workforce for each of the diverse tasks on the job list. It is a privilege to get associated with such companies as these ensure quality work perked with timely delivery. Effective delegation lives its true meaning by efficient concierge services . Customization is another characteristic that makes it alluring. From personal to professional requirements, each need is catered precisely. Trained staff distinguishes a regular concierge company from a professional one. Look around in the city, there will be many organizations claiming for proficient concierge