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The World of Service and its Impact on our Lives | PREMIERE CONCIERGE

“Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.” - Harriett Jackson Brown Jr. said these lines that got recognition by the entire world, and there are very few companies who understand these words and one who has, have reached the heights of utter success . The question here lays, why service is so vital to this world, w why it impacts every individual's life? It all began in 1760 when the world diverged into the industrial age , and a notion of earning through services reached the peaks. There were some regions and industries where the men were asked to work for 18 hours a day to make some pennies and meals. Then labor laws and human rights were floated and service hours were reduced to 12 hours. Eventually it was brought down to 10, and currently, it is hooked at 8 hours. Now 8 hours of service is usually not practiced by the majority of the world. Everyone in a corporate industry is known to work for around 12 hours a day. If you


Building amenities have traveled a long way, and like location and price, they play an indispensable role in injecting an impact on the type of resident a property will attract. Advertising the property with words like ‘Gymnasium’ and ‘Swimming Pool’ are the tactics of the past, and in the present day world, they are not enough to woo the potential tenants. Today’s sagacious renters seek for the services and features that were once reserved for upscale hotels. Experience and Quality of Life are two important parameters that define the renter’s buying journey, and for the majority of apartment renters, it matters a lot. In today’s competitive marketplace, residential property managers and real estate companies face the challenge of coming up with new ways to not only attract tenants and homebuyers but also to keep them happy. Premiere Concierge lives up to these expectations by handling homeowners, rental tenants or guests in the finest and diverse manner. Value-Added Services and Ame

Want to Retain Your Tenants? Hire a Residential Concierge!

According to the 2011 SatisFacts Index, residents were asked to rate the value they received for the price they were asked to pay. The overall average was 3.57 out of 5.00, which is considered a low-average rating score.   Wherever you live or whatever property you have, one thing is for sure that your tenants will only stay if they are satisfied. Well, when you pay for something, you want to get something in return as well. Ever wondered why some people get better rent than others? Well, it is because they know how to enhance the value of their property. And, the best way of doing it is to hire the services of a residential concierge. It is not that residents don’t want to pay as the rent increases. They completely understand it goes with the territory. The only thing that they don't like is being asked to pay for a service that is not up to the mark. Every now and then, a question comes to their mind - is it worth it?  To eliminate this question from the equation, you

Luxury Concierge to Turn Your Residential Community Into a 5-Star Resort

After a long and tiring day in the office, you arrive home, have some healthy snacks and relax for an hour. You get ready for the fitness class and schedule a massage at the end. After the massage session and a shower, you rushed straight on the cough and watch your favorite movie or TV show until a delicious dinner is served to you. Welcome to the 21st century living style. Gone are the days when personal care wasn't given much attention. There are services these days that are meant to reward and pamper everyone. Well… thanks to luxury concierge service that is becoming a part of the amenities given in residential communities nowadays. To be honest, getting access to some sort of concierge services isn't an option anymore, but a necessity. The increasing number of companies that offer concierge services is a proof that we're ready to appreciate and embrace such services to better our lifestyle. Living in a community with a concierge desk makes the over

Concierge Services in the Form of Help Desk Service

A help desk service at your office or residential community can change your life. Believe me! There's a very thin line between creating a to-do list and planning or setting an in-depth schedule in your day-to-day life. With a positive mindset, you can actually enhance your productivity while enjoying your life to the fullest. But, HOW? If you think your to-do list keeps you going every day, think again. In reality, your daily registers are just inefficient and ineffective and at worst, they give you stress, especially when you don't get the tasks done on time. While a to-do list could help you keep track of your assignments, it won't help you in the long run. Well… you just won't be able to manage your bigger goals in life with them. However, everything will start falling in its place if you get someone, who takes care of your day-to-day tasks. Yes! This is what a help desk in your place can do. Just imagine, one call and you're done. How simple and grea

Hire a Professional Concierge to Balance Your Personal & Professional Life

You can come across many professionals for whom a day of 24 hours is simply not enough to get everything done. Probably you are one of them. If you are, then facing situations, where you require assistance would be very common for you. Moreover, chances would be there that you hardly get time to enjoy your personal life. So, it is better to hire someone, who can help you carry out your day to day tasks. The concierges are the professionals, who lend a pair of helping hands to get everything done on time. Since they are experienced ones and know how to complete any task with 100% accuracy, therefore, they can offer you great help. The best part is that hiring a professional concierge is not a daunting task. You can hire the best resource in your area by simply looking around. The concierge industry is a booming industry and therefore, you can expect to hire the right expert with just a few clicks of the mouse. Yes! Since many concierge companies have their online presence over

Get to Know About Concierge Services and Hire the Best Company

Getting an extra pair of helping hands is always appreciated, especially when you run out of time to carry out all your assigned tasks. There are actually many professionals out there, who can be hired to do your work, so that you can have more time to enjoy the activities you love to do. The professionals, who lend you the helping hand to get any sort of task done are known as concierges. The concierge industry is, in fact, one of those industries that is still growing these days. And wouldn't it be? The concierge services are getting more and more popular because of the benefits they offer. No matter the type of jobs you need help in, your concierge will do everything for you, ensuring successful completion of the tasks in time. Since the need of a concierge service may vary from person to person, therefore, these services can be divided into different categories, such as personal, residential, business, luxury, virtual, and custom concierge services. Luckily, findin

Concierge Services: Make the Most of Them

Your professional life is likely to be super busy, especially if you belong to a business, where you can afford to put your work in a pending status. No doubt you complete all your assigned tasks in a timely manner, however, you may somewhere have to compromise with your personal life. You might have even witnessed several scenarios, where you had no other option, but to spend more than 12 hours in your office. This is, in fact, the daily routine of many professional individuals. So, why live a hectic life when you can make the most of your quality time? Concierge services are the solutions that can help you live a better life. Thinking, how? Well, these are the services that can help you get all your tasks done in a timely manner. This implies you don't need to do everything on your own. Instead, assign tasks to the concierges and enjoy the quality time with your loved ones. While the concierge industry is booming these days, there are people, who think that these servi

Some Responsibilities of a Residential Concierge

In simple words, a residential concierge is a person, who is responsible of providing several personalized services under a single roof. These concierges can usually be seen at a desk in a residential building. Depending upon the needs and wants of the clients, these concierges can offer a line of services. The main purpose of residential concierges is to make the li ves of their clients simpler and better. For this, they offer not only personalized services, but also luxury services. Although the residential concierges work within the societies or buildings, yet can offer to have several services related to the corporate world as well . For example, a residential concierge can be assigned with a task to answer the calls, make reservations, etc. G iven below are some responsibilities of a residential concierge: Similar to a concierge in a hotel, a residential concierge in a society is responsible to handle o r carry out daily tasks. These con

Importance of Multifamily Concierge Services

Multifamily concierge services are designed to improve residential life by offering unique lifestyle services to increase resident retention and loyalty. In addition, with the help of these services one can easily remove the burden of non- leasing/ sales issues because these services help residents to demonstrate your commitment to them and also for future residents. These services can add to the success of your residential community. Multifamily concierges work with property managers, home-owners and others in order to present best of housing services. Multifamily concierge services mean different to different people however; the most important task of concierges is that to fulfill everyday need of their clients. In this competitive environment, people look for residential areas with additional benefits and that’s where multifamily concierge plays their role. They become a unique selling point for a community, therefore, if you are one of those looking for property with add

Growing Demand of Maternity Professional Concierge

Like various residential concierge and professional concierge services , we have maternity concierges who are there to help pregnant women and their concerns of being pregnant. It is bliss for women who are busy and their partners as well. These concierges are professional concierges, someone that a pregnant woman wants herself to be around with. They take care of all your small or big needs such as selection of doctor, product research, nursery design, registry selection, maternity styling, maternal wellness, baby proofing, healthy home living, healthy home living, breastfeeding, massage, infant safety classes, childbirth education and so on. Maternity professional concierges are more of residential concierge because they assist you to get ready for the most exciting time of your life and they are there with you all the time. No matter if you are expecting a baby or planning to adopt one, professional concierge services are there to get you in gear by assisting mums-to-be in