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Personal Concierge – Improve Your Daily Life

A personal concierge is responsible to run the most basic errands of premises. A custom concierge will help you to complete things that you don’t have time for. If you are someone who’d happily pay someone to do all the work for you, then choosing a personal concierge would be great for you. According to a recent report by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are around 16 million two families in the country. Since both of the partners work, it becomes difficult to focus on those daily errands and missing out on so many daily things becomes regular. If are somebody who likes to be on the go, then u should hire a custom concierge to take of things for you. They will not only help you with your official work, but also with household tasks. There are a lot of advantages that a personal concierge would bring in to your life, they will bring something new and different in your life and you will get the satisfaction of having your daily errands run more sm

How To Open Your Own Business Concierge Services

A business concierge is dedicated to provide personal errand services to corporate and non- corporate clients. They are responsible to handle all the requests from corporate clients. A lot of companies hire premier concierge services to complete their daily requirements and errands. If you are one of those willing to open your own business concierge services, follow the below mentioned points –  First and the most important step that you should take care of before starting any business is to find out about the legalities of starting a premier concierge business. Laws of every state/ region can differ from each other – therefore you must speak to local chamber of commerce before investing any money. Study the area before starting any kind of service. Know what the area lacks and accordingly decide on the area that you would like to cover for premier concierge services. You can choose from niche areas such as – travel reservations, pet care, busi

Custom Concierge- For a Healthy Lifestyle

A concierge clearly understands that all the hours in the day are not enough to complete all the tasks. There is hardly any or nearly no time for yourself and your family. This is where custom concierge services help in. With the help these services, you can accomplish several tasks in no time, right from running errands, personal shopping, scheduling appointments, and household work and so on. A custom concierge will leave all your worries behind without you having an employer- employee commitment.                        Everyone has 24 hours in their routine and it’s never enough. You need to manage both your personal life and your professional life in this routine. Therefore, it becomes important to hire custom concierge services to make things manageable. No matter what your tasks involve, be it picking up an important gift, talking the dog for walk, dropping car for servicing, picking up kids, house maintenance, you can get everything done from a custom concie

What a Residential Concierge Can Do For You?

Professional concierge services have always been popular and have been an integral part of the hospitality business from very long time. Just like a hotel concierge, a residential concierge also ensures that the residents in a residential property have everything they need during their stay. A residential concierge also sits at a desk in the lobby or the reception area of the residential business where residents can come and stop by for their requests and the requests can include – getting reservations for hotels, restaurants, booking theatre tickets, scheduling sightseeing, shopping excursions, helping with directions, suggesting places to dine, making complete travel arrangements, assisting residents with household work, helping with corporate meetings, parties, parking and so on.  The goal of a professional concierge is to take care of all the little odds that might get overlooked in the daily life. A residential concierge can do all the things you want them to do for