Responsibilities of a residential concierge

A residential concierge is also called a lifestyle manager and they not only offer you personal assistance, but they offer front-of-house services like a hotel concierge. Although job of a residential concierge is mostly to work within a residential property such as a community or an apartment complex, but one may also work in homes as a house manager and handle various aspects of household activities such answering calls, handling dry cleaning and so on.

Handling domestic matters
Just like a hotel concierge service, a residential one takes care of daily needs of their residents in the community. The process can also be done by phone, e-mail or in person. Responsibilities of a concierge in a community includes handling mails, parcels, making travel arrangements, shopping, entertainment and on. Also, in a private setting a concierge may also take care of running errands like organizing events, parties, dry cleaning, making appointments, preparing meals to name a few.

Handling community matters
Concierge service is a catalyst between owners of a property and residents and therefore, they fulfill all the duties to carefully handle both aspects. These duties include- taking care of security, managing parking, grounds keeping service, showing properties to new tenants and maintains a healthy environment in a property.

Handling public relations matters
As the face of a residential community, concierges make sure they handle and greet the clients properly. They add more appeal to the services and make their community stand out from the rest. Concierge service not only increases the satisfaction of the clients, but also promotes the community in a positive way.


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