Seven Myths about Concierge Service

  1. Myth – Hiring a concierge makes you lazy
Reality Concierge Service makes you more efficient instead of making you lethargic The basic reason of hiring these services is to delegate unimportant tasks in order to give attention to more important tasks.
  1. Myth – Personal Information Theft
Reality – A concierge helps in running your basic errands. While delivering a daily course of work, he may get to know your bank details, family information, etc., but it is mentioned in the user agreement that he can’t disclose any of the information to third persons. In case you find some fraudulent, you can sue him that very moment only.
  1. Myth – Supervision Stress Increases
Reality – When you hire professional concierge service, then you need not supervise their work because they are experts in their field. You must relax when they are doing your work.

  1. Myth – Fake 24 X 7 Support
Reality – It is not a fake promise that a concierge provides 24X7 hour services. Once you hire one, he is at your service even at midnight call.
  1. Myth – Concierge is pricey to afford
Reality – Errand Running Services are not limited to wealthy people. There are many affordable concierge service providers who can make you wealthier than before as it helps you to improve your productivity.
  1. Myth – Parents don’t like Concierge
Reality – There are no such parents who don’t want to see their children excel in their profession; caretaker enables youngsters to focus on career as he lookafters their old parents. And, parents really like the companionship of personal concierge.
  1. Myth – Personal Life gets disturbed
Reality – A concierge becomes your mentor who is in your life with your permission; he does not interfere nor disturbs you until you permit him to do so. It’s you who have to exercise control over his performance.


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