Top Five Employee Benefits from Corporate Concierge

Few perks of meager pension after retirement & health insurance constitute the old strategy of employers to hold top talent; gym, free meals & billiard pool were the recent add-ons to retain expert professionals. In the current scenario, corporate concierge is the newest HR strategy to uphold the work culture of company & magnetize aspirants. Concierge Service provides work-life benefits to employees with the hidden aim to increase their productivity & in turn benefit company. Please note the top five employee benefits derived from concierge services here:

  • Getaway Unwinding is must to pamper ones’ senses. Working continuously for 12 months is strenuous; each employee needs a break to enjoy a few light moments with her/his family members & friends. Corporate concierge program allows two getaways (after every six months) for employees that help them keep professional lives fresh. Such getaways compel professionals to stay long in the company, which further results in fewer turnovers of employees for a company.

  • Repairing Fixtures
    A broken pipeline or a fused microwave can be of great concern that may hamper the daily routine of an employee. Concierge service includes repair of fixtures as company understands that on weekends employee might not get labor to fix those. Such services help employees to focus better on their job. 

  • Prescription From appointment with doctor, transcription to medicine, concierge service includes everything so that employee can attend the job without any distraction. 

  • Grocery Shopping
    An employee need not worry about purchasing grocery for home. Instead, she/he can take help of concierge service to purchase grocery & drop at her/his residence. Such delegation enables employees to deploy more of their energy & time in core job. 

  • Hottest Event Tickets
    Corporate Concierge Program allows teams of company to watch spectacular events in the city. The mixture of fun & work ensures employees’ commitment to the company.
Apart from above-mentioned benefits there are many other employee benefits that can be derived from corporate concierge to attract new talent & retain existing.
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