Basic Duties Of A Good Residential Concierge

If you think that a Residential concierge is hired for just to say “ Hello' and “Good Day” to their clients, then it very important for you to know the basic duties of these professionals. A Professional concierge is the one who takes care of all your tasks associated with their specialization. You can take an example of a Corporate Concierge who is responsible for all your official tasks, same is the case with a Residential concierge. His main duties are as below: 

These people handle all the daily requirements of the residents who are living in a society. They alone distribute the couriers, dispatch the parcels, go for shopping, organize entertainment programs and arrange the trips. Apart from this, a private one has to take care of the household chores of his client's family like dry cleaning, arranging appointments for doctor or at any other important place, preparing meals for the family and shopping for the daily needs. They are responsible for the repair services as well as maintenance of the apartments. 

One more important role of a Professional concierge is that he is always there when you need security for your property, vehicles and other valuable items. Even more, your pet is safe with a concierge. They will welcome you with gifts and make sure that you feel good while living in that apartment or society.
The next important duty performed by these Professional concierges is the handling of public matters. They are the one who arrange meetings between the residents and the management team of the property. Thus, we can say that they add a wow factor to the property by fulfilling all the requirements of their customers.


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