Importance and Benefits Of a Residential Concierge

A concierge is someone who handles various personalized services of individuals in a residential setting. One of the most basic functions of a concierge is to meet and greet the customers whenever they walk in or walk out of a place. It is important for a residential concierge to add more to his service and therefore remembering name of the customers is an add-on service that leaves a good impression on visitors. A concierge is also responsible to take the messages of residents and deliver them wherever they want you to. Following are some of the most common concierge services of a residential concierge.

Another important part of concierge service is to arrange for various services for the residents. This doesn’t necessarily mean to be with your guests all the time, but you need to make whatever arrangements you are asked for. You might need to make dinner arrangements, travelling arrangements, hail cabs, book tickets and so on. It is important for a concierge to have the local knowledge and effective communication skills.

Other than this, they are also responsible to provide knowledge of local area and other questions that residents might come up with. There are chances that newer residents might come up with various questions and ask about local restaurants, places to visit, clubs, shopping places and so on. Therefore as a concierge, you should know where one can take their family and friends for outing in the city. You need to keep broachers of local attractions and maps of the area to the right spots.

If you are someone willing to get these services, there is no need for you to hire a full time professional concierge because you can hire them on hourly basis. For more information on residential concierge services, you can visit - The company offers various concierge related services under one roof.


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