Using Commercial Concierge Services

Everyone is busy these days – so busy that they hardly get time for anything else. In such cases, an extra helping hand is always welcomed. Instead of asking for help to anyone else – you can choose concierge services for it. Concierges are usually very well-connected people, professional and discreet. There are many services you can do by yourself, but it might take you longer and you might end up spending more. Commercial concierge services uses deep profiling across all relevant categories in clients’ lives and a concierge services will leverage proprietary, global relationships to deliver preferential access and recognition. Your clients can easily access these services quickly and easily through toll- free telephone access, web, email or fax to one of our professionals on the ground worldwide.

Here’s a small sampling of what these services offer your customers – all under the banner of your brand:

  1. Global travel planning and management
  2. Exclusive concierge-choice dining network
  3. Timely and seasonal offerings that drive spend
  4. Online portal for self-service access
  5. Preferred partner network providing added value benefits
  6. Milestone planning for once-in-a-lifetime events

Other services include:

  1. Customized brand experiences
  2. Surprise & Delight gifting programs for your best customers
  3. Amenity program design and management
  4. Marketing event support and planning
  5. Collaborative marketing strategy and management
  6. Milestone planning for once-in-a-lifetime events

A concierge understands the importance of your time very well. By using their services, you will find their ability to manage your personal and professional life in the most efficient and cost-effective way. They understand the concerns of individuals keeping them happy, stress free and increase their productivity. These services have gained huge popularity in corporate world and the services have proved their mettle by delivering the best at professional front. Commercial concierge services can extend the benefits and potential of an employee.


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