How To Start A Concierge Service Business

A concierge business is any business that whose prime aim is to provide personal errand services to corporate and non-corporate clients. You have seen that there is an increase in concierge service businesses in the past few years as people have become more dependent on others for doing their routine jobs. The given blog post is all about how to start a concierge service business. Concierge services are of different types ranging from personal concierge, residential concierge, corporate concierge, luxury concierge, virtual concierge and others. A concierge service business can be started by a single person who has qualities of a concierge or by a group of concierge professionals having rich experience in offering concierge services. Here are some tips that can benefit you in your concierge service business:
  • Start with a business plan, as planning is a must for every business. There is no need to spend much on a business idea as you are not starting a large scale business. Write your vision that you have for your business.
  • Evaluate the costs that are needed to start your business. With a residential concierge service business, the startup costs are low as compared to other types of businesses. The costs of startup for luxury concierge service business are higher as luxury comes through products and equipment that a business needs to have in order to offer luxury concierge services.
  • Before starting a concierge service business, decide on services which your business offers as a concierge service business offers unlimited numbers of services. The aim of your business should be to remain open for any type of assignment that builds trust amongst people regarding your business.
  • Your business should offer attractive price point for all the services with monthly package rates in order to secure long-term contracts.
  • As a famous idiom says “Put Your Best Foot Forward” that means showcase those services first to customers for which you have a good reputation in the market. Like if the specialty of your business is residential concierge services, make your customers aware of that. Try to make the first impression of your business on customers the lasting one.
The above listed tips prove quite beneficial for an individual who want to start a concierge service business.


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  2. Thank you for this great advice. I’m ready to get started on my VIP Concierge business in Miami Beach...


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