Increasing Popularity Of Residential Concierge Services

A concierge is someone who is a service provider of personalized services or any any other service for that matter. When it comes to residential concierge, he is someone who usually works in the building. There are a lot of benefits of a concierge is a residential building and the most important thing of all is to manage family's affair, convincing more people to move in a community and increase resident retention. Since, every property is different with its own pros and cons and therefore attracting residents to one particular community is a challenging task. This is one big reason for an exponential growth of luxury concierge services in residential communities. These services are dedicated to give their customers an unforgettable experience. These services are also called lifestyle services because  all the importance is given to the resident and services are given like that of a five star hotel. A residential concierge is responsible to handle all the aspects of a property and fulfill all the requests of the residents.

Since there is a lot of competition these days, most of the commercial property owners offer high end services to each one of their resident, but its not always the amenities that counts – it is the experience that a resident gets out of staying at residential community. Therefore, a residential concierge must focus on going that extra mile in order to increase resident retention in a community. Services like yoga classes, taking care of the house, parcel delivery, parking facility, handling public matters and similar other services fall perfectly under this category. A luxury concierge usually acts a s a catalyst between the property owner, staff and the residents. One of the most important thing to work as a luxury concierge in a residential community is to stay in touch with your residents and update them on latest news, happenings in and around the area and to maintain transparent communication.


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