Deliver Surpassed Services with Virtual Concierge

When you hear about concierge services, you might picture butler or a valet service man with white gloves, well-heeled to escort you at a five star hotel or a great restaurant. But gone are the days when concierges were limited to offering these services and only to VIPs. Today, you don’t need to be a VIP to use these services. Concierge services exist in various industries now such as personal concierge, corporate concierge, multifamily concierge to name a few. These services comes with many benefits and you can avail any services you want from a concierge.

Talking about a virtual concierge,  these services can exist in any virtual realm. A hotel/ business can choose to offer these services by a mobile application, television or a website. A virtual concierge serves customers/ guests in the same way as a typical concierge would. Hotels that offer these services have increased loyalty, reduced turnover and increased ROI because of these services. One of the biggest misconception among people is that these services make on ground concierge services less relevant. But, that is not true because in these services the services are usually done before the guest even arrive at the property.

Using these services will help you to serve your clients better because you they don’t need you for simple problems, all they need to do is call you and you can help your client immediately. There are plenty of benefits of these concierge services, they can make changes to whatever they want, whenever they want. For event planners, these services/ apps can be of huge benefit. Premiere Concierge provides these services to its customers. The company offers many other services such as corporate concierge services, luxury concierge, business concierge and reseller service program for those who are interested in starting up their own concierge services.


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