Premiere Concierge and Its Corporate Concierge Service: Know My Story

I work as a marketing manager in a company and believe me, I'm quite satisfied with my job. (Wondering, my company must be very good and I must be earning well out here?) Yes! You're right. My boss is very happy with my work and I'm also making good money. But this is not what I'm going to tell you. I'm going to share how I tasted success and that's all because of Premiere Concierge. I'm very grateful to this company and you'll soon find out – why?

Let me take you back in time…

When I joined my present company, I was assigned a project of launching a clothing business. (Basically, I was managing its promotion and advertisement work.) Though I met with the business owner and understood all her requirements, I needed someone to lend a pair of helping hands, so that I could meet the deadline. (Actually, the time was limited and there was more to achieve).

Luckily, my company was being serviced by Premiere Concierge and I thought why not call them and ask for help. They provided me a corporate concierge with the right skill set I was looking for. Her name was Jennifer.

Ideally, I wanted to hire someone with a communication background, who could give the marketing campaign the boost it required. In simple words, I wanted her to load content into the website, and engage followers through the several social media channels. Since telling the story of the brand was the key component, I wanted to make it the best. And as per my expectation, Jennifer did a really good job. The best part was Jennifer also made a presentation on what we did as a team. And you know what? I was actually impressed!

Jennifer's knowledge of social media and overall marketing campaign was asset and that really helped me. I believe it wasn't all possible if she wouldn't have been there. Not only she effectively managed profiles on social media accounts, but also introduced the business to a new audience base.

Witnessing the total worth that Premiere Concierge added to my first project was a really good experience. To be very honest, I owe them for whatever they've done for me. I highly recommend their service to you.

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