Sharing My “WOWsome” Experience of Personal Concierge Service

Last week, I was lucky enough to work with a professional, who was simply awesome. He was really good at what he does and took immense pride. His work ethics stood out. While I've shared my amazing experience with my friends and colleagues, I've decided to share that story more broadly with all of you as well.

Whether it's in our homes, our workplace, at a grocery store, or elsewhere, we all have at least one amazing experience when we're simply blown away by the customer service. And most of us love to share that experience with others. Maybe you've your own point of view, but I guess it's the “pride” that enforces us to share our stories.

Here's my story…

Last week I was in a fix when I found one of my bathroom showers broken. Seems normal? Well, the bathroom was literally turned into a pool and I had other tasks to complete. I was actually super busy getting things in their places for a party. Of course, I could have got it fixed by calling a plumber, however, I couldn't due to the time constraint. Then, I thought of our help desk community that renders concierge service to get almost all sorts of tasks done and luckily, home maintenance was one of them.

I just called the help desk service and initiated my request. They simply took my request and forwarded it to the concerned vendor (they actually have tie-ups with different vendors to give the residents a helping hand). Within half an hour, a professional came at my doorstep. He took a minute or two to investigate everything and he then indulged in his work – tirelessly. I was amazed to see that he was so quick and professional enough to fix the broken pipes and tiles without creating any mess. He actually didn't leave until the job was done PERFECTLY. And to my surprise, he fixed everything in just two hours.

I was so impressed to know that the help desk service of our community has a tie-up with such an amazing professional. A part of the credit goes to Premiere Concierge also. It's that company because of which we have such a good help desk service in our community.

Thanks for reading!


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