Concierge Programs and Premiere Concierge

Acquiring a new customer is 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one”. With this thought in mind, many account managers may think of building attractive and beneficial loyalty programs. While this makes sense, creating such programs could be a delicate and cumbersome task. Moreover, don't forget the fact that there are other high end industries that might take a big leap in such area of incentives. Therefore, for service related industries, maintaining the right balance between time and cost may lead to complex equations. Without any doubt, the pursuit of loyalty is no less than a full-time job that indeed involves a series of tasks, skills and budgets. Therefore, the need for a concierge company arises to fit in.

For a dedicated concierge company, client satisfaction is everything, therefore, it can complement your services by:
  • providing your clients 24/7 assistance 
  • bringing together the network of vendors, humanity & inventiveness 
  • fulfilling all your client's needs or dreams and letting you get all the credit
If these three points fascinate you, you should contact Premiere Concierge.

Premiere Concierge, Inc. is one of the leading concierge establishments in the nation that can fulfill all your needs by creating, developing and operating personal concierge service programs using your brand name. They're capable of elevating your brand into an experience by turning your community into a 5 star resort or taking your corporate to the next level. Whether it's about your valued tenants, clients, customers, or employees, you can leave all the hassles to them and sit-back-and-relax!

Premiere Concierge is proud to be the single stop-shop for all your concierge programs, be it a residential concierge, corporate concierge, or luxury concierge program. They specialize in creating “white label” concierge service programs with the exact look, style, and image of their client's brand, making concierge programs an extension of what their clients offer.

While their residential program is helpful for - (i) improving closing ratio, (ii) increasing resident retention/loyalty, and (iii) improving sales/leasing productivity, their corporate program is helpful for - (i) organization valued clients, customers, or members, (ii) commercial tenants, and (iii) your valued employees.

Interesting, isn't it?

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Premiere Concierge and step ahead to elevate your brand.


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