An Amazing Wedding Anniversary Surprise

This is a personal experience of mine, where I got to know how beneficial concierge services are.

Let me take you back in time…

It was our first wedding anniversary and my wife and I wanted to make it really special. However, due to some official work I didn't get enough time to manage everything on my own. This was the moment when I thought of giving the help desk service of our residential community a try. After all, we didn't want to drop our plan.

I just phoned the professionals over there and briefly mentioned what our plan was, hoping to get a room with a sea view. (I was expecting nothing much; after all, that conversation was just two days before).

We arrived the hotel a few hours ahead of the actual time. After killing some time and waiting patiently, I headed to the reservation desk to confirm the status of our room. The lady at the desk just leaned over and whispered, “it might take 10 minutes or so to get your room ready”. I was literally bursting with anger after hearing this. What was the purpose of hiring concierge services then? We weren't happy at that point of time. But, there was no way out. We had to wait.

Exactly after ten minutes, one of the staff members came to me and told, “Sir, your room is ready!”. I didn't know why he was giggling. Anyway, we finally arrived in the room.

Oh my God! The room was looking really beautiful. It was decorated with flowers, balloons and candles. We had to admit that we were touched by the gesture. The hotel staff really made our day and a part of the credit goes to the concierge service of our residential community.

I really thank the help desk service of our community which is actually serviced by Premiere Concierge.

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