Concierge Service in Brief

I recently read a comment online that was about concierges and their responsibilities. It was written in a layman language and was enough to make anyone understand. However, I found something missing. So, I thought of writing this post to tell people about concierges and their responsibilities in brief.

Well… it's not like people don't know about concierges; they do. What it comes to explaining, they just beat around the bush. The common thing that happens with most of them is thinking about a hotel concierge. Of course, it's not wrong. However, this is just a very small aspect of the growing concierge industry. These services are booming these days and are seeing no boundaries. There is no wonder – why?

The use of concierge services isn't new at all. They've been in the existence for couples of decades. However, people aren't still very sure about these services; maybe because these services have taken different forms from generation to generation.

The term 'concierge' became very common in the mid 16th century, meaning the warden of a house, prison, or palace. However, it was first coined in Latin; 'conservus' meaning 'fellow salve'. The trend was started somewhere in the beginning of the 17th century and became quite popular among VIP customers at hotels, banks, and other rich corporations in the coming years.

In this 21st century, a concierge service is like personal assistance, housekeeping, cleaning service, private chauffeur service, errand running service, and much more. Today, a concierge can offer a line of services to his client. For examples, air travel, business support services, car rental, child care services, event ticket procurement, floral service, home cleaning, hotel accommodation, nightlife VIP, pet service, recreation adventure and romancing America.

Regardless of the understanding and what people think about concierge service, one thing is for sure – this service is like a boon to senior, handicapped and time-starved people.


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