Keep Your Top Talent Intact with The Help of Corporate Concierge!

In a survey, more than half of the people surveyed in the Accenture report said they’ve rejected job offers that had the potential to negatively impact work-life balance.

Wondering what the above stat is all about? Well, it states that your employees need to be happy and satisfied when it comes managing their work and life. And,  this is where corporate concierge services become a valuable perk for attracting as well as keeping your top performers.

In the corporate world, whatever the circumstances may be, you have to maintain a loyal customer base.  Well, to be able to do so, there a need to take away some burned off their shoulders. This is exactly what a corporate concierges do for you.

It's nothing like having a competent concierge to take care of the personal affairs of your employees. They want some time and freedom so that they can easily focus on their job duties, and at the same time, they can also get time for their home responsibilities and leisure activities. Well, it is all about managing the work and life in the best way possible.
Check out some of the  personal errands run by a concierge:

  • Dinner and hotel reservations
  • Scheduling car cleaning and maintenance 
  • Laundry drop-off and pick up 
  • House cleaning 
  • Grocery shopping 
  • Gift wrapping 
  • Relocation assistance

Well, these are services that may look small but are of a great importance. However, you need to make sure that the concierge that you are choosing is a reliable one. Only when you know that there is someone whom you can trust completely, you can focus on your work without any worry.

Premiere Concierge offers the most professional corporate concierge services and helps businesses to enhance the productivity of their staff,  providing them with the highest level of service and satisfaction. Not only that;  it also provides other services such as personal, residential, travel, business concierge and more. You will get to know about them all, just keeping reading!

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