Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Business Trips with Concierge Service!

According to a report by market research firm IBIS World,  the concierge services industry has been growing at an average annual rate of 3.7% in the past decade. It is worth more than $297 million in annual revenue each year.

Demand for concierge services is escalating as people are getting busier in their lives. One of the most sort after concierge services is of a luxury concierge, especially for business travelers.  Well, everyone wants a touch of luxury, and business travelers are no different. The irony is that these travelers have enough wealth to buy all those luxuries, but seldom get time to plan for or manage them. This is where luxury concierges make their way in.

From finding hotels to booking flights to finding the best coffee shop to ensuring your smooth transportations to hotels, these concierges do everything for you.  

Check out how luxury concierges can positively impact a business trip!

Easier decision making!
Most people use their smartphones to know which is the best place to have lunch or dinner; however, more than often you will come across thousands of options. And, you still don't know which is the best. You don't want to waste a minute when you are traveling for business, and concierge services can help you get what exactly you need. These people will recommend you the best options, which will significantly reduce decision fatigue. Well, you don't want to walk 5 miles to a eating joint that shut down several months ago. Do you?

Improved productivity and greater peace of mind!
There are many small little tasks you need to do that are not business-related at all. These include finding transportation to your hotel, booking visits to popular attractions to fill your spare time, and locating a place to store your luggage during day trips. Concierge services can free up your time by taking care of these tasks, which gives you peace of mind and energy to stay focused. You will stay on schedule which will improve your productivity.

Luxury and comfort!
It is true that you can't expect your business trips to be as enjoyable as leisure trips, but it doesn’t mean that they should be totally awful. Concierge services can add a touch of luxury even to your most boring business trips. The comfort that these services bring in keep you in a better frame of mind, which eventually helps you to land a new client or come up with an amazing presentation.

No doubt that luxury concierge services are valuable to business travelers, even in this digital era. If you want a prompt, personalized service to make your trip luxurious, these concierges are always there for you.


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