In today's fully occupied working environment, everyone wishes to maximize their free time as much as possible. And concierge services make that possible by arranging the wide range of aspects of your life that you want (planning holidays to helping run everyday life finding a good cleaner, concierge services do this all).

Adam and a memorizing trip...

Adam, a warehouse manager was planning a holiday trip with his wife, however being a manager of  a warehouse, he was unable to log on to a website or start a research on Google for a good destination. During his break hours, he just picked up a phone and called Premiere Concierge to avail the benefits of concierge services that are available to the employees of his company.

Within 2 days, Adam received an e-mail from Premiere Concierge containing the litany of more than 10 destinations with the detailed itinerary as per the budget and specifications of the Adam. After a thorough debate between Adam and his wife, they finally came to a common conclusion and forwarded their choice of destination to Premiere Concierge. 

Premiere Concierge booked the trip instantly and issued the airline tickets at rates they say are competitive. Adam was fully satisfied with the services of Premiere Concierge and arrangements that they have made for them. 

I need to stay away from computers or mobiles in able to ensure the effective productivity of the warehouse workers. Planning the holiday would have consumed my personal hours. However, the concierge services of Premiere Concierge effectively filled my boots and planned a beautiful holiday for my family.~ Adam

With an aim to improve the productivity,  many companies are turning to personal concierge services. Following are the benefits that companies are getting by employing concierge services:
  • Employees are getting more productive and focused;
  • Employees feel appreciated and are more loyal;
  • Employee engagement improves


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