Employees and Employers Are the Two Side of the Same Profitability Coin - Concierge Service

When employees and employers think about the ‘Workplace Perks,’ what come into the mind instantly are happy hours, game rooms, bonuses, and the like. However, the most overlooked, yet most effective perk in terms of savings on time and money is Business Concierge Services.

Concierge services may include anything from dry cleaning to automobile services to taking care of a myriad of errands. Still, an unfortunate statistics come into the picture, suggesting that, a mere 3 percent of employers offer concierge services.

Helping employees with their errands has palpable benefits for employees, but what about the employers or the ones employing the concierge services?
  • Employers benefit from offering business concierge services by increasing individual productivity and engagement.
  • A survey reveals that the work-life balance that results from the availability of concierge services increases employee-engagement levels by more than 20 percent.
  • Real estate management companies can employ concierge services for their tenants to add value to their properties and increase their marketability.
  • The staff of hospitals and medical centers can make use of concierge services when they have long shifts and need errands done.
  • Greater client loyalty, creating the right impression to new business connections and also attracting the best talent are few positive consequences of the concierge services effect.
Concierge Service is an external service that gives an impression of exceptional service and ease by paying hawk-eye attention to the minute details. Work with the right concierge partner- Premiere Concierge and witness all the essential final touches and other exclusive experiences at your fingertips.
Premiere Concierge has expertise in bespoke concierge services that are designed to make the business run smoothly. We are experienced, exclusive, and offer exceptional service. Contact us today!


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