Building amenities have traveled a long way, and like location and price, they play an indispensable role in injecting an impact on the type of resident a property will attract. Advertising the property with words like ‘Gymnasium’ and ‘Swimming Pool’ are the tactics of the past, and in the present day world, they are not enough to woo the potential tenants.

Today’s sagacious renters seek for the services and features that were once reserved for upscale hotels. Experience and Quality of Life are two important parameters that define the renter’s buying journey, and for the majority of apartment renters, it matters a lot.

In today’s competitive marketplace, residential property managers and real estate companies face the challenge of coming up with new ways to not only attract tenants and homebuyers but also to keep them happy. Premiere Concierge lives up to these expectations by handling homeowners, rental tenants or guests in the finest and diverse manner.

Value-Added Services and Amenities Provided by Premiere Concierge to Remain Competitive in Today’s Variable Real-Estate Market

  • Home Maintenance Services
The common challenge that every homeowner faces is that ‘wish I could had a little more time to get things done?’ And these forgotten projects start to linger in the back of the mind. But with our home maintenance service, help is always on the way as we deal with handyman services to electrical, plumbing, etc. Our licensed, bonded and insured contractors will take care of all your minute home maintenance needs.
  • Home Cleaning Service
A study reveals that 82% of women and 65% of men spend a lot of time doing household duties, housework, cooking, errands & other household management duties. This affects the perfect balance between professional and personal life. Our on-site concierge services are effective enough to handle residents, “To Do” lists and special requests so that their free time may be spent enjoying life in and around their homes instead of running errands.
  • Senior / Dependent Care
It is incommodious to arrange resources and look for a place where it is convenient for the elderly or any disabled member of a family. Concierge service is an economical solution that can fulfill a variety of needs of elderly and disabled by providing them with companionship and care support whenever they need!
  • Every Dog (And Cat) Has His Day
In today’s busy life schedule, people do not get time to spend with their pets. However, pets too deserve fresh air and all the care. We offer professional pet care services while a homeowner is away from home. We can take your pet for outings to the park, appointments at the vet, or a trip to the spa to meet the needs of busy people and their pets.

The definition of property management is ‘a third-party entity who is employed by property owners to handle real estate operations.’ Premiere Concierge provides a dedicated team of experienced concierges and management to offer personal attention, the highest level of service and satisfaction. Our residential concierge is a friendly and professional alternative of a wealth of hospitality services that residents truly value.


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