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“Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.” - Harriett Jackson Brown Jr. said these lines that got recognition by the entire world, and there are very few companies who understand these words and one who has, have reached the heights of utter success.

The question here lays, why service is so vital to this world, w why it impacts every individual's life? It all began in 1760 when the world diverged into the industrial age, and a notion of earning through services reached the peaks. There were some regions and industries where the men were asked to work for 18 hours a day to make some pennies and meals. Then labor laws and human rights were floated and service hours were reduced to 12 hours. Eventually it was brought down to 10, and currently, it is hooked at 8 hours.

Now 8 hours of service is usually not practiced by the majority of the world. Everyone in a corporate industry is known to work for around 12 hours a day. If you need to meet a deadline on a specific day, then forget about the designated working hours, because now you will come up with more reasons to sit back in the office. Working 12 hours a day is exhaustive in every argument.

Why is Service so Important?

If you look at the broader picture, a service is the only force that keeps on the treadmill of hierarchy for production and products.
Anything that we see in the market or around us is all about making life easier or better. Whether it's a detergent in the supermarket or a cereal box for better health or designer clothes for a comfortable wear or that sushi in the restaurant for a personal satisfaction, someone has been working day and night so that the sushi can reach the plates, and the man who risked his money on an idea of treating people with sushi can finally reap his investment into profits. That's what a service leads to, “a proper arrangement of taking care of back end that eventually concludes into the idea that was aimed for.”

You have been continuously peddling the wheel of the economy, and have been delivering the best. You have been taking care of the economy, served the grace of profits and had been actively contributing to society, but what about your personal lives?
Ignoring a personal life not only massively weakens your health but also deteriorate your mental ability. Due to lack of relaxation and walking around with a million of thoughts and devoting your time to your job and your tasks not only cause you to age early but also create a communication gap with your loved ones. Before you know, you will stop realizing about how or what your family and friends are expecting from you or what life (other than your job) has to offer you! Your closed one will stop sharing their problems, and you will become one loved guest in your own family.

Being the torch bearer of an economy is hard. With all the pressure and overcoming numerous hurdles in order to achieve success takes a lot then it gives back. Without fail you are rendering your services to achieve milestones, and that is what makes you a successful and a valuable contributor, but while doing so, have you ever thought that how much you are suffocating yourself?

We all get such short of time because of all the necessary but unproductive tasks that cannot be ignored in our day-to-day lives. Like going to a bank or collecting laundries, going for a grocery shopping and chasing handymen and bursting energy to find the tickets to Nick's game or to get things fixed at your apartment and the list never ends.

Not everyone has a butler as Bruce Wayne had. Rather than coming back to home directly from the job, we are forced to take care of such calls too. Now from the remaining 12 hours, you need at least a 6 hours of sleep, 2 hours of traveling to & fro and perhaps we are left with only 4 hours of a day, which needs a consideration to decide whether you want to spend it on what you like or on regular life demands? Because both of them are equally important.

The Concierge:

One of the most significant reasons for a holiday break is breaking the jinx of a regular job and daily life demands. You reach the hotel, and suddenly you have got an army of people who are ready to help you with everything, from picking up your bags, then collecting your mails or getting your laundry done, making your dinner bookings, bringing in the pizza for your or what not. From head to toe, every task what you wish for is covered in the services, and thus a stay at the hotel is always preferred over a holiday home stay.

The best part is, such concierge services are now available in residential apartments too, commonly known as Residential Concierge Services. They take care of your time, which might conclude every service you can imagine. They make sure; you don't have to worry about the day-to-day life tasks that need not require your attention and can be easily handled by someone else. You can say, a troop of BUTLERS, just for you.

The condo buildings with concierge services have seen a more significant surge in occupancy, an attractive service to offer and making it a better place to live. Cities across the country are recognizing companies like Premiere Concierge for the service they provide. Choose your company wisely, and make your residence a place where you not only live with comfort but also have greater peace of mind.


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