"It's harsh yet obvious: employees go through around 4 hours daily in procrastinating. A great many people utilize 60% or less of accessible work time really working. Having a major number of diversions at work, you face the issue of obliviousness. It lessens your work execution and creativity that influence a general Well-being."

As The New York Times announced, a UC Irvine research found that a run of the mill office employee gets interfered at regular intervals – yet it takes a normal of 25 minutes to come back to the assignment that was left.


The majority of us will in general focus on proactive things. We ask ourselves, what can my group and I improve? What new aptitudes would we be able to learn? What new programming or apparatus do we need?

However, at times it's not about what you ought to do, yet what you should quit doing.


Individual issues, for example, family issues, groundbreaking indefinable circumstances, motivation troubles, ailment, and even one's sexual life can affect office’s ecosystem. At last your capacity to propel your profession depends on one’s personal life to a great extent.
Attempt to keep a private life separate from work life is certainly never possible; unavoidably one may keep running into the other and it is the reason why every Guru is speaking about Work-Life Balance.

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where yours is a little organization without a formal EAP(Employee Assistance Program). You fail to notice the problems that your employees are going though, then a time would come when they will be facing such situations with some high degrees of seriousness and it will affect your company similar to a dominoes fall, one thing will cause another and you end up with a loss incurring department.

Everyone knows how costly an employee burnout costs to a company. To bring stability, it takes a whole couple of months to come up with a firm stand.

Now the million dollar question is how to tackle and achieve a good Work-Life balance?


Concierge services for offices? Oh yes, that a sound fancy and amazing at the same time isn’t it? Now the first thing that the management thinks about Concierge services is, it is a costly affair and it is for the fortune 500 companies. No dear, that is not so true where as it an application of such service comes with heavy returns. What if I tell you that there are companies that have recorded breakthrough performance and productivity from their employees just by introducing concierge services in their company?
The 2012 meta-investigation confirmed that employee commitment and engagement relates with every execution that yield results. Gallup additionally finds that the solid relationships amongst commitment and execution are exceedingly predictable crosswise over various associations from differing enterprises and districts of the world.

Everything is connected, and one cannot simply ignore the results that the companies witnessed with the application of concierge services. Now how do you believe Accenture stays in the top 10 company’s list through the time? Does not matter how small you company is, at the end of the day it thriving on its employees.


Get your hands on the driving wheel, and introduce a concierge services in your company because you don’t want your employees to waste 4 hours of the working hours when they are being paid to be productive. It might sound harsh but as said, you cannot dictate and rule, but you must be smart enough to tackle and solve issues that are becoming hurdle.

Adding a Concierge services will let your company to give a more productive environment in the company. Not only it will raise reputation and luxury to your office, as people see to it, but also it will handle all the regular errands. Your employees would be able to live a better live, and employee retention would not be a problem anymore.


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