The world is expecting you to be the man who always stays in, “Work Mode”. The psychologists reveal the signage is the other way around. More than the world, it’s we who want to be in the work mode, if we carry an ambition that is larger than life. Now as an employee, you also carve for such work force, but don’t you think that such employees are in abundant but just your company lacks them?

How can you attract the best employees in your firm has a lot to do more than just salaries and week end holidays? In one of the studies from Harvard Business School Survey, it was found that 94% of the service professionals usually put on more than 50 hours a week. Undoubtedly, a large share of people claim that it is necessary, but there is an ample amount of studies that clearly states the after effects when work-life balance is disturbed. Agree this or not, but the company is the one that suffers in a long run.

Things start rolling off-course when we surpass the threshold working hours, your sleep cycle gets hit, we start getting depressed and stressed, your communication skills goes into a trash and you are less likely to make any collaboration productive.

In a very well researched study, Rescue Time analyzed around 185 million working hours of random and aggregated data on how their users spent their last year.
  • Workers spend only 2 hours and 48 minutes of productive time a day 
  • 21% of working hours are spent on amusement, news, and internet-based life 
  • 28% of laborers begin their prior day 8:30 AM (and 5% begin before 7 AM) 
  • 40% of individuals utilize their PCs after 10 PM 
  • 26% of work is done outside of typical working hours 
  • Workers normal in any event 1 hour of work outside of working hours on 89 days/year (and on ~50% of all end of the week days) 
  • We browse email and IM, by and large, at regular intervals 
  • 40.1% of our day is gone through performing multiple tasks with specialized apparatuses 
  • The most diverted long periods of 2018 were Nov. 26 and July 7 (the Mondays in the wake of Thanksgiving and the fourth of July)
As per a recent report, Americans currently work 47 hours every week by and large—one of the most noteworthy numbers on the planet.

As an employer there is so much that can be done, and hikes & holidays are not one of the solutions. Think of a solution where you are letting your employees to work for you, and their personal life tasks are being managed by your other employees whom you generally call Concierge People. Yes, one of the most effective ways, that not only star rate your reputation as the company, but also let your employees to take care of their regular errands and other personal tasks without effecting the job hours and personal hours.

How cool would it be if you can appoint man who is taking care of your appointments? No more running to take the Broadway tickets, neither you would need to check your laundries, because that too can be taken care of effectively

Check out the service personnel in you are, and become a part of the league that other fortune companies are participating, and no it is not at all expensive. Rather, it turns your profit into a magnum size because when the employees are pampered, they come up with ground breaking productivity.


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