Getting Concierge or Hiring Assistant…A Better Deal?

Hitching up with the concepts of hiring assistants for an odd job is either a wise decision or a poor one, is debatable. The accounts department, for sure, can understand the weigh that it pours in the company accounts.

Despite this, we can give you a few reasons why having an assistant might be a bad idea.

Now the firstly why we need to have an assistance? To take up the odd jobs? What else it can be? Bookings, preparing meetings, taking care of client calls, and all? Doesn’t it make you vulnerable by exposing a lot of close door secrets to an outsider?

At least this is what Krish Ramakrishnan, the CEO and the Co-Founder of Mountain View, California based entrepreneur of Blue Jeans Network thinks. He is no midtown guy who speaks louder than his actions. He is the proud creator of two startups and sold it to Cisco, and his current venture that is a cloud-based video collaboration service having more than 200 employees worldwide and in just over two years he has captured about 30 percent of the video conferencing market.

Now, this man, how can he do all these without an assistant? In an article to “Inc.” he has confessed about not having an assistant even once. Here are the reasons for it:

When you control your own schedule, you invest less energy in meetings.

Most of the internal meetings are difficult, costly and time-sucking, particularly in the event that you consider the aggregate wages and time your organization is losing for anyway numerous individuals to lounge around and talk.

Once you know the commitments and priorities along with the schedules, most likely you will spend less time lingering around. Being a boss, you will be the first one to excel in punctuality and various submissions. It not only sets a good example but also gives you a far better picture of your company and your clients.

Only you know the priority level of a meeting.

This world is not a bad place, but a place where competition is cutthroat. You seriously want the world to know about the decisions and planning that you are thinking of? Meetings are meant to be a closed-door because you don’t want the world to know about your next move. And exposing the same to you assistant does not only takes you to back foot, but you are putting faith on an individual who is not you. And if you decide not to tell your assistant about the details, then she or he might end up arranging the most wrong arrangements for the clients.
Since they will be clueless about the clients and kind of treatment you are looking for, the strategic nature of the business might hit the wrong chords.

Just for the sake of Bookings:

You don’t want a person inside your office just to book tickets and everything. Today dealing with travel itineraries are much simpler than before. Moreover, there are concierge services that can deal with such things. It is way more cost-effective than an assistant and moreover keeping concierge services at your office might also help you grow in a massive way.

Concierge Services:

Companies are hiring concierge services because it keeps their administration on the toes and way ahead of the other companies; the real question is what is a concierge service? And since when they are into this corporate sector?

You are looking for a booking, arranging meeting, taking care of clients, do not expect your employees to run for errands during the working hours, taking care of laundry, drivers, status, luxury, requirement, necessity, everything that you expect from 4-5 people to take care of can be managed by these concierge servicers.

They are not expensive at all, and moreover, they are not a dead investment of services. The clients get impressed by such a company where work-life balance culture is practiced for the employees. When a client gets pampered, they would come back to you again and again, and moreover you never your team.

The office employees regardless of the salary that you offer them for the services and skills, also feel the privileges that is been given to them, that is rare and exclusive. They tend to spend less time on wasting time and momentum, and productivity has been seen shooting way high than ever.

The compliance is simple, you take care of the ecosystem, and the ecosystem certainly starts wheeling smoothly with better results, with less friction, and with a perspective tomorrow.

This is clear that an assistant might not be a good idea, but a corporate concierge company in your organization can be of much more help because for them arranging your demands is the only work profile. They usually have better deals and contracts with cabs and hotels around the world. Despite better deals, you might get some guaranteed results too. Of course, getting Broadway ticket just hours before the show might not be possible, but you never know, a 1% chance some time convolves into a positive deal.


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